LPBW: Audrey Shares Latest Home Renovation Update — ‘A Long Way to Go’

Audrey Roloff, besides several other Little People Big World stars, traced her way towards the spotlight. However, she left the long-running family show years ago. Yet, she has still managed to stay relevant in the LPBW fanbase.

Months after letting go of her dream to live on the family farm, she moved to a massive Oregon home with her family last year. Audrey is making headlines again after she opened up about the update about her family’s home renovation. Read further to have another scoop.

LPBW: Audrey Opens Up About Their Home’s Renovation Update!

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff finds immense delight in sharing her frequent life updates and adventures with her followers. She took to her Instagram stories on Tuesday, November 7, to participate in an interactive Q&A segment.


A curious fan took the opportunity to ask her about their house renovation updates. This was when she shared that she, besides Jeremy and their three kids, is currently living at her parents’ place. She went on to add that they have “a long way to go” before their return to their home.

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The former LPBW star even mentioned that they have dealt with “inventory issues, worker turnover and even theft” ever since they started renovating their Oregon home. Audrey then admits it has been a lot of work.

She even mentioned in her story that her husband is doing a lot of physical work besides various general contractor work. Audrey later confessed that they did not have enough time to make incredible progress.

Audrey went on to justify that the couple has to focus their attention on kids, home-schooling, life, and work. She concluded her post by stating that ‘it is slow.’

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Roloff’s New Home!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff bought their massive home in Hillsboro, Oregon, in June last year. At the time, she took to her Instagram to announce that they had finally bought a farm after a continuous search for over two years.

She then noted that their new home had a ‘trestle.’ The LPBW alum went on to confirm that viewers would be able to understand the importance of the ‘train trestle’ both by reading their book and by having a look at its cover.

Ever since making the huge purchase, Audrey has been open about the renovation struggles. In an Instagram upload, she admitted that home renovations can be crazy expensive. She even accepted feeling stuck while setting their priority, as their entire house needed a lot of changes.

The former TLC celeb confessed that they wanted to bring a lot of changes to their home. But even after a year, the cost of their vision becoming a reality was way more than they expected. Apart from this, Audrey never misses a chance to treat her social media family with her latest life updates.

Are you holding your excitement to see Audrey and Jeremy’s fully renovated home? What do you think of Audrey’s latest renovation updates? Sound off in the comment section below.

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