LPBW: Audrey Says She Wants More Kids After 4th Baby — Not Done Yet

LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are on their way to welcome another baby. They have been up to many new things this year. The couple has just celebrated their 9th anniversary together. Fans of Little People Big World have been following their journey since the start.

The couple moved away from the limelight years ago to focus on their family. The pair often post about their kids, Bode, Radley, and Ember. Fans love to watch the couple and their adorable updates on social media. They have also been using their social media fame to earn money.

Audrey and Jeremy have been very open about their family plans with followers. Recently, the mom of three revealed that she isn’t done yet with kids after the fourth baby.

LPBW: Audrey Opens Up About Her Plans To Expand Her Family After Four Kids!

Little People Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy have been living their best lives away from the show. Ever since then, the pair have tried their hands on different things to earn revenue. Moreover, the couple has been trying their best to raise their kids and expose them to country life by living on the farm.

Fans even slammed the stars for risking their kid’s lives several times. Recently, the LPBW stars revealed they will have yet another baby. Now, fans have been asking if the couple plans to expand the family even more after four kids. The couple shared about their family plans on their recent podcast.

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Audrey asked her husband about his response to their fourth pregnancy. He said, “Holy smokes, we did it! We’re at four.” The dad of three went ahead to address their future baby plans. He stated, “I told you to treat this one like your last.”


Jeremy went ahead to express that four felt like a good amount to him. He said, “I think there’s a balance somewhere.” The LPBW celeb pointed out the cons of having more kids in the future. He felt that it would disrupt the couple’s conveniences.

However, Audrey had a completely different opinion about the plans. She said, “I feel like as moms, it’s just harder as a female to come to terms with the fact this could be my last baby.” She went on to express her thoughts of having another one in the future. Also, she stated that she didn’t feel like she was done yet.

LPBW: Jeremy & Audrey Announced Baby #4 News With A Wholesome Post!

LPBW stars Jeremy and Audrey often stun the audience with their wholesome posts. However, the new post came out as a surprise for the entire fanbase. The couple uploaded a cute video with their three kids playing a Telephone game.

In the clip, Audrey told his husband about her pregnancy in the ear. Further, he shared the news with his eldest daughter, Ember. Finally, Bode told Radley, and he squealed with excitement. Radley yelled, “Big brother,” with so much excitement.

The couple wrote, “Secrets out… Baby #4 is on the way!!!” in the caption. Further, he added, “We are so excited to be growing our family again and adding another little grommet to our crew!”

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