LPBW: Audrey Roloff Under Fire For ‘Cruel Treatment’ Of Their Family Cat!

Audrey Roloff became a popular reality TV personality for her appearance on the popular show Little People Big World. She and her husband left LPBW a long time ago and have since been enjoying their lives away from the cameras.


However, the couple still enjoy the popularity they once gained on TLC. They have often been the talk of the town primarily for the wrong reasons. Audrey has again been talked about for her ill-treatment of her cat. Here is more about it!


LPBW: Fans Slam Audrey Roloff For Ill-Treatment Of Her Cat!

Audrey Roloff has often attracted criticism in her life. She has recently received backlash over her ‘cruel treatment’ towards their family pet in a recent social media upload. This is not the first time that she has been called out for her weird pet care abilities.

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The reality TV star took to her Instagram on Monday to share a video featuring herself reading to her kids outside with their pets. Audrey had her youngest child on her lap while the older two sat beside her. She was reading a story to her kids, who were distracted by their cat.

The kitten sat on Ember’s lap, who once appeared to be making attempts to get away. But Ember and Bode gripped her, ensuring that it did not move. Audrey added a long caption to this post about constantly being judged as a parent.

But it did not stop her followers from bashing her in the comments for allowing her kids to treat their cat the way they did. One of them said that their ‘poor’ kitten does not want to be gripped so tight. Another pointed out that their pet looked uncomfortable.

While several others slammed her for stagging the video. One of them penned, “Well, setting up the camera to capture a moment is not being in the moment! Your kids are more important than a post.”

LPBW: Audrey Roloff Is Not Sure About Aspen’s Breed!

Audrey and Jeremy welcomed their cat Aspen into their home in January as a Christmas gift for their kids. She scheduled an interactive Instagram Q&A earlier this year, where she got candid about where and how she found her kitten.

She shared that her pet is “half Persian, half Scottish.” The LPBW alum added that after she googled it, she looked nothing like she expected her to look. Audrey then confessed that they got it from Craigslist, a classified advertisement website.


She mentioned that they are sure that its mother is Persian, but they have no information about its father. Audrey then justified that Aspen got its “smooshed grumpier face” from its Persian mother. But LPBW fans did not seem pleased with her decision to buy the pet from Craigslist.

A Redditor penned, “I cannot believe she’s admitting to buying from a Craigslist breeder. How disgusting.” Another guessed that she paid a lot of money for ‘Scottish fold.’ Similarly, several other followers were stunned by their decision to buy a kitten from Craigslist.

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