LPBW: Audrey Roloff Slammed For Yet Another Weird Parenting Decision — It’s Getting Worse Now

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff rose to fame with the popular reality TV show Little People Big World. However, the couple left their family show long ago. They still continue to enjoy popularity among LPBW fans. The couple has often made a buzz among the fans primarily for the wrong reasons.


Recently, Audrey Roloff has been talked about for her foolish parenting move. She shared a video featuring her kids in a notably dangerous situation. This upload has caused her followers to be concerned for her children’s safety. Read further to have another scoop!


LPBW: Fans Slam Audrey Roloff For Ignoring Her Kids’ Safety!

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff enjoys sharing frequent life updates with her social media followers. Recently, she took to her Instagram story to share a clip of her kids playing in an open barn. Her children Ember, Bode, and Radley were enjoying and running around in the video.

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The LPBW star, Audrey’s kids, played in an empty wooden barn with a roof and only one and a half walls. The barn did not have proper flooring but an uneven dirt floor with some pieces of wood lying on the ground.

Little People Big World LPBW

This video raised concern among LPBW fans as her kids rocked casual playtime outfits without their shoes. Kids running barefoot on the dirt floor brewed even more worry among the concerned audience. Many of them thus rushed to Reddit to talk about the video and the potential danger.

One of the Redditors asked if Audrey was not worried about her kids being stung or bit. Another fan admitted that going barefoot in the glassy yard is fine, but an old barn is stupid. The third one questioned if she and her husband, Jeremy, had common sense.

Another Redditor penned, “It seems like every time they show pictures of those kids, they are doing something that is dangerous.” Likewise, several other internet users ripped them for keeping their kids in dangerous situations.

LPBW: Fans Express Worry For Ember’s Education!

Earlier this month, Audrey Roloff took fans through her daily routine. She shared an Instagram story announcing that she had to run several errands. In the upload, she listed that she had to return library books, go to a lash appointment, make sourdough, pick tomatoes, make dinner, and go for a swim.


This upload spiked concern among LPBW fans, as Audrey’s routine had a place for everything except Ember’s schooling. Thus, one of the fans questioned if she was not supposed to homeschool her kid. Another fan pointed out that getting lashes done and going swimming are not considered real work.


LPBW Little People Big World

While the third one penned, “She is a privileged and ignorant little girl.” Likewise, several other fans expressed concern for Ember’s education. Do you also agree that Audrey is not prioritizing her daughter’s education?

What do you think of Audrey’s kids playing barefoot in the open wooden barn? Do you also agree that she tends to ignore her kids’ safety?

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