LPBW: Audrey Roloff Slammed For Filthy Bedroom In $1.5M House

Little People Big World star Audrey Roloff is eagerly waiting to welcome her fourth baby. Jeremy and Audrey have been living their lives away from filming the LPBW series. The couple has had three babies in the past 6 years.

Now, they are eager to welcome another baby in the upcoming months. Recently, the pair announced their pregnancy news with a wholesome video on social media. Audrey has started sharing her new journey with fans.

She has been sharing various updates about her life while handling the three kids and also her professional life. The TLC star has evolved a lot as a professional in the past few years. It must be hectic for her to manage everything smoothly. Recently, she gave her fans a glimpse of her messy bedroom.

LPBW: Audrey Gives Fans A Peek Into Her Messy Bedroom Filled With Boxes & Clothes!

Audrey Roloff often shares her life raising her three kids on social media. She often records her kids playing out in the mud and enjoying fun activities outside their home. The LPBW star wants her kids to enjoy the farm life while staying away from their family property since the feud.

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Recently, she shared a glimpse of her messy bedroom in the latest video. Audrey uploaded a video on her Instagram story as she had her hair in a ponytail while sporting an oversized shirt. The reality TV star looked exhausted while sitting around a pile of old clothes and wrapped boxes.

She captured a view of the room to reveal how her room had become a mess. Audrey recorded herself while sitting in her bedroom in her $1.5M Oregon home. The entire room had tools, cartons, loose cables, and clothes all over the floor.


She wrote, “Anyone else’s room looks like this?” Audrey went ahead to explain how the entire room became a mess while packing Christmas gifts for her team members. She stated, “Wrapping/shipping out Christmas gifts to everyone on our team means wrapping paper everywhere.”

Further, Auj added that the mess includes podcast equipment and the clothes that don’t fit her anymore. She also played “The Chuck Berry ” song by Run Rudolph Run in the background. It turns out that the LPBW star has a lot of work to do this Christmas. Now fans are waiting to see Audrey and Jeremy’s Christmas celebrations.

LPBW: Audrey Reveals Her Plans About The Gender Reveal Of Fourth Baby!

Audrey and Jeremy have been making headlines these days about their fourth baby. The LPBW couple turned heads recently after the pregnancy announcement. Now, fans are waiting to know about their baby’s gender.

But they are quite aware that the pair chose not to find out about their third baby’s gender. Recently, Audrey revealed that she and her husband are planning to learn about their baby’s gender.


The TLC star revealed that she failed to make a connection with Radley because of being unaware of the gender before his birth. So she wanted to make the best experience possible in case it would be their last baby.

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