LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Give Their Home A Makeover! [New Additions]

Former LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy left reality TV a long time ago. They have been busy with their own lives ever since their exit from the show. However, they like keeping their fans updated about every single thing in their lives. In fact, they have a huge following on social media, thanks to their celebrity status.

The Little People Big World couple is raising their three kids, Radley, Bode, and Ember, in their home. Jeremy and Audrey love trying their hands on various career paths using their social media fame. They proudly promote natural products and teach their kids to live the perfect farm life. Nowadays, they are busy giving their home a new makeover. What are they up to?

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Renovate Their $2M Property With Some New Additions!

LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy are living a lavish life away from the Roloff Property. They are living in their $2 Million home with their three kids. Little People Big World fans have seen the couple going on extravagant vacations in the past couple of months.

Audrey has also started getting some amazing projects using her social media popularity. Now, we can say that the pair wanted to give their home a new look. As per The Sun, Audrey and Jeremy’s home was spotted with some ongoing construction work.

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Audrey & Jeremy Home Construction [Source: TheSun]

Moreover, Audrey and Jeremy’s Hillsboro home also had an excavator tearing a hole in the ground. The open doorways were taped off with plastics to prevent the dust from entering the home. Well, we can say that the pair are adding some chicken coop on their back porch.

The construction work is clearly visible from the outside of their home. However, photos revealed that the construction workers were not present due to the weekend. Now, fans are waiting to see when Audrey will take her fans on the tour of her freshly renovated back porch.

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Celebrate 9-Year Anniversary With A Road Trip!

Audrey and Jeremy grabbed eyeballs initially from walking away from the reality TV world. Fans were shocked to see them moving out from the family and leaving the show. The LPBW stars have been cherishing every single moment together.

Fans love to see their bond and love for each other. Recently, Audrey shared some cute moments of their life as the two crossed the 9-year mark. Fans of the franchise have seen the couple spilling secrets about their relationship for a while.

They decided to hit the roads to celebrate the special occasion. Seemingly, Audrey made a promotional video for her new project. The pair rented the all-new Mazda to celebrate the big day together in Santa Barbara.

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