‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff Reveals Shocking Secret Close To Her Heart

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff celebrated Mother’s Day this year, but not all of the kids were there.  With Zach and Tori living in Washington, it’s not so easy to always be around for special events. In the past, Jeremy and Zach’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day, but this year it didn’t. However, someone else also celebrated a birthday.

Amy Roloff & Matt Roloff Shared About Mother’s Day

Four years ago, Mother’s Day was also Jeremy and Zach Roloff’s birthday. Birthday greetings were exchanged, and the LPBW grandma took the time to wish mothers and grandmothers a wonderful day to celebrate themselves. It wasn’t clear what everyone did on that day, but possibly, they all got together at some stage.

Amy Roloff Mother's Day 2020 - Instagram
Amy Roloff Mother’s Day 2020 – Instagram

Amy Roloff is a grandmother, and her grandson, Jackson celebrated his birthday early three years ago. It coincided with Jeremy and his dad as well as Mother’s Day. Amy Roloff posted more about her mom who had passed away. It wasn’t clear if everyone got together for a big celebration.

Little People Big World Amy Roloff Reveals Secret 

This year, Matt Roloff wished everyone a great Mother’s Day, even those people who aren’t moms but want to become one. He spent his time with Peggy, his mom, and Jacob Roloff and Caryn Chandler also featured in his Instagram post. As they sat at tables, it seemed like a big day of celebration might have been planned.

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Amy opened up and told fans an intimate secret of what Mother’s Day really means to her. She told fans she never thought she would be a mom let alone have 4 kids. The Little People, Big World star shared a photo of herself with Jeremy and Audrey. Additionally, she shared one of herself with Jeremy and Jacob. The TLC star wrote quite a long caption, and she talked about Molly as well.


LPBW  Zach Celebrated Jackson’s 7th Birthday

Based on what Amy said, Zach and Tori were not with them this year. Possibly, it was because Jackson celebrated his seventh birthday on Mother’s Day. And, it looked like his party was in Washington. Tori shared photos of him, and many Little People, Big World fans wished him a happy birthday. There wasn’t any mention of Matt or Amy in her post.

In her caption, Amy Roloff told her TLC fans:

Mother’s Day. It’s very special to me because I never thought I’d get to be a Mom. What a title to hold and I took it to heart. I’m a Mom to 4 amazing ‘kids’ and a grandma. Here I am with my ‘bookends’ Jeremy and Jacob, two amazing fine young men. Hung out with Chris, my boys, a few of my grand kids, talked with Zach and Molly. I thank the Lord and pray for them everyday. Thank you kids for making me a Mom. Love you all and my family so much. ????????????????????.

As the LPBW star said that she “talked” with Molly and Zach, that sounds as if they maybe spoke on the phone. Additionally, as she mentioned “a few…grandkids,” she probably meant Jeremy and Jacob’s children.

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