LPBW: Amy Admits She Feels Pain Watching Matt With Caryn!

Little People Big World fans have seen Amy and Matt get a divorce during the show. They share four kids and had a 28-year-long marriage. Notably, it is difficult to let go of happy memories with a person after spending such a long time together. Amy and Matt have moved on with their significant others. LPBW fans still watch the exes locking horns with each other despite moving on in their lives.

Amy and Matt still share a platonic relationship and often join hands for business purposes. The former frequently visits the Roloff forms for organizing events. Season 25 has featured how the TLC star has been butting heads with her ex-husband and his fiancee over different things. But it turns out that Amy still feels things after watching Matt and Caryn together.

LPBW: Amy Shares Her True Feelings About Matt’s Relationship!

LPBW stars Amy and Matt are getting on each other’s nerves in Season 25. Fans have seen the power struggle between the two exes. Chris and Matt’s closeness has always irked the former. She didn’t like her current husband blending well with her ex-husband and his current fiancee, Caryn Chandler.

Fans felt that something was bothering Amy throughout the new season. Finally, she admitted her true feelings after much drama since Matt and Caryn’s engagement. As per Tvshowsace, Amy admitted recently that things are still awkward between her and Matt. She felt that she didn’t have to hear the personal details about the couple’s life.

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Moreover, the Little People Big World star also felt that creating any drama was also not required. Amy pointed out at all the drama that Caryn’s engagement ring was bigger than hers. She didn’t hold on and accepted that the stuff annoyed her despite shrugging it off. Amy went ahead to explain that the memories with Matt would stay with her, no matter what.

Amy said, “It’ll always impact me until the day I die.”Hence, the LPBW celeb felt that she was doing the best she could. Further, she expressed her regrets about watching her ex-husband turn her former home into a rental property. But she still tries to maintain a cordial relationship with Caryn and Matt.

LPBW: Amy’s Witty Reaction After Having A Look At Caryn’s Ring!

LPBW star Amy Roloff has already moved on with Chris Marek. It is now Matt’s turn to start a new life. The latter recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, for marriage. Finally, the pair decided to meet Amy after the engagement. But they were a bit nervous of her reaction. The recent episode of the series featured the newly engaged couple visiting Amy. Surprisingly, Amy immediately asked Caryn to show her the engagement ring in a flat tone.

Matt and Caryn were nervous about what was coming their way next after her request. However, she said it was “Very pretty” and “wow” to make everyone sigh in relief. The TLC star also gave a witty response, saying, “I guess the second half of life is better, huh?” Further, Matt reminded her that her second half was also a good one

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