LPBW: 80% Of Cast Members Have QUIT! Will TLC Cancel It Before Season 26?

Little People Big World started in 2006. Hence, it has been 18 years since viewers began seeing the Roloffs showcase their adventures on screen. At first, Matt and Amy were a couple living on a pumpkin farm with their four kids, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob. Over the years, many things have changed on LPBW, such as Amy and Matt’s divorce in 2017.

Soon, Molly and Jeremy stopped appearing on the show, and Jacob eventually quit. So, all that was left were Matt and Amy and their son, Zach. But things haven’t been looking good among them following the property dispute. Zach and his wife Tori also shocked the audience by announcing their departure from the show after 25. Will TLC cancel it now?

LPBW: Does Zach & Tori Quitting Mean TLC Will Cancel The Show?

As mentioned above, a lot of things are not so perfect among the Roloffs. The LPBW stars collectively starred in the show as a family. But over the years, many changes led to all the kids, except for Zach, quitting. But there has been confirmation that Zach and Tori won’t be starring in the upcoming seasons.

Tori and Zach announced their decision to quit in their new podcast, Raising Heights. After seeing this, fans understood that this career shift instantly made it obvious they were quitting. So far, TLC has not made any announcement or revealed what their next move is going to be after Zach and Tori leave the show.

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The LPBW couple had mentioned how they wanted to quit because things weren’t the same as before. They were trying to refer to the farm feud with Matt while saying so. At the same time, they expressed how their kids, especially Jackson, have been uncomfortable with filming, and they don’t want to do so. So, the parents want to be respected for their wishes.

Once Zach and Tori quit, almost 80% of the cast won’t be a part of the show, leaving only Matt and Amy to showcase their story. But will TLC move forward with this setback? Well, only time will tell. There has been no news about the renewal or cancellation yet.

LPBW: Caryn Chandler Is Quitting Too!

While Zach and Tori have confirmed they will leave LPBW on the podcast, another castmate wants to do so. Well, it is none other than Matt’s partner, Caryn Chandler. Longtime viewers must know by now how she gets subjected to lots of hate and trolling for breaking the family. Hence, things have been quite difficult for her.

Sources revealed last year that Caryn also wants to quit the show as the backlash has been getting unbearable for her. She wants to live a life peacefully away from all the drama after marrying Matt Roloff this year. But if that happens, then the couple most likely won’t air their anticipated wedding on TV screens.

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Do you think Matt will make the decision to go forth with filming without Caryn if TLC renews the show? Will he and his ex Amy, along with her new husband, Chris, be enough to run the show? Tell us in the comments.

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