Liz’s baby girl is so adorable

TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons has been airing the wholesome storyline of the sweet Johnston family for years now. The show features the seven of them as they go through life with achondroplasia dwarfism. The audience has loved the show since it first started airing in 2015.

A recent development has made the fans very happy. Liz Johnston, Amber and Trent Johnston’s oldest daughter, gave birth to her own daughter on November 3. The audience and the family members alike welcomed the baby girl and showered her with blessings. And now that the newest Johnston is one week old, mommy Liz has shared some new photos.

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Shares Pictures To Celebrate Daughter’s 1 Week Birthday

Liz Johnston gave birth to her daughter with her boyfriend, Brice Bolden. The newborn baby girl, Leighton Drew Bolden, is the pride and joy of the family. After her daughter’s birth on November 3, Liz again shared photos to celebrate Leighton’s one-week birthday.

In the photo that the 7 Little Johnstons star posted on her Instagram account, the family of three was smiling at the camera. The picture had Liz standing in front of the crib, holding her daughter. Brice stood beside Liz with his hands in his jeans pocket. He wore a green button-down polo with long sleeves. The star of the photo, Leighton, looked all cute in a pink outfit and a little bow.

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The setting of the photo was Leighton’s nursery. Behind the crib, on the wall, was Leighton’s name and middle name in word art. The photo caption said – “One week old, first family photo, falling in love little Leighton more and more as each day goes by.”

But the 7 Little Johnston fans couldn’t comment on the photo. This was because Liz has limited the number of comments on her post since Leighton’s birth. The limit might have been in response to fans’ intrusive questions about whether Leighton also has dwarfism.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber & Trent Can’t believe Leighton is “1 Week Already!”

The 7 Little Johnston parents, Amber and Trent, were delighted with the birth of their first “grand baby”. When Leighton was born, Amber and Trent had shared a picture of the new baby. It was clear how happy the new “boppa” and “lolli” were.

And now, after having a week to get used to being grandparents, the novelty still hasn’t worn off. Amber took to Instagram to announce that her granddaughter was one week old. In the picture, Leighton was sleeping in someone’s arms. But the sweet girl still had a smile on her face as she dosed off. The photo’s caption read – “How can she be 1 week already! (surrounded by bows)”. #lolliandboppa and #grandbabyisthebest were also a part of the caption.

Even in these pictures, the fans wanted to know whether the little girl was also a little person. But some people have concluded it based on Leighton’s measurements given by Liz.

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