Liz Johnston Gives Huge Baby Leighton Update

7 Little Johnstons’ star Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston welcomed her first baby with Brice Bolden on November 3 and regular updates come along for TLC fans. This week, the gorgeous photos of Leighton Drew Bolden revealed her at 8 weeks old.

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Johnston Updates TLC Fans Regularly

So, far updated photos of Leighton arrived at one week old, a month old, six weeks, seven weeks, and now, a set of portraits to charm 7 Little Johnstons fans arrived on December 29. The baby is now eight weeks old, and that brought two months of joy to Trent and Amber Johnston. The good news is that they love being first-time grandparents.

In the past, many people slammed the parents of Anna, Jonah, Emma, Alex, and Liz Johnston. On the TLC show, they seemed to be very controlling. However, viewers seem to have warmed to them as they seem to be doting grandparents. At the moment, their daughter probably doesn’t object to Amber helping out with her baby. Every mom might wish for a family to readily help out with a newborn.


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7 Little Johnstons Fans See Updated Photos

The new photos that showed Leighton were professionally done. However, the photographer wasn’t credited. In the caption, her mom said:

8 weeks for our beautiful Little Leighton???? we love you sweet happy girl❤️

In the replies, her sister, Emma Johnston said, “Just want to squeeze her little cheeks ????.”

Unfortunately, the post was locked for comments, so TLC fans couldn’t have their say. Still, there are plenty of other sweet photos of Leighton on social media.

Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden might not have planned for their baby, but the little girl is so loved by the family that she seems to be a real blessing.

It shouldn’t surprise 7 Little Johnstons’ fans that Emma was the first one to comment on the new update. From the beginning, she fell hard for her niece. As she always finds it hard to keep secrets, she did well to stay quiet about her sister’s pregnancy. On December 3, she shared a photo on Instagram of herself looking with adoration at Leighton.

TLC Star Emma Johnston With Leighton - Instagram
TLC Star Emma Johnston With Leighton – Instagram

my sweet niece is 1 month old, today. ????????✨ i love being your Aunt Em. i can’t believe you’re 1 month old today since the first day i found out you were coming. i love your smile, little noises, crazy eye cross, [and] everything else pretty girl.

What are your thoughts about the gorgeous baby portraits of Leighton Drew Bolden? Are you happy that Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and her family so regularly update TLC fans? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t miss 7 Little Johnstons when it returns to TLC with new episodes on Tuesday, March 12, at 10 p.m. ET.

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