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Liz Johnston Baby Arrival Soon

7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston‘s baby’s arrival is happening very soon! Fans are impatiently waiting to meet the sweet new addition to the family. Fortunately, the Johnstons kicked off the new week with a special update. It won’t be long before the baby enters the world. Scroll down to find out what the family shared, and see the adorable new photo too.

When Is The 7 Little Johnstons Star Due?

As we reported, Liz is expecting her first baby! She and her longtime boyfriend Brice Bolden shared their special announcement last month. At the time, they revealed that their baby was due in November 2023, so they kept this a secret for quite some time. Aside from sharing the November 2023 due date, the couple hasn’t announced the exact date. So, fans don’t know when to expect the little one to arrive.

On social media, fans, friends, and family members showered the couple with love. The 7 Little Johnstons stars are excited to welcome the precious little one to their family.

Liz Johnston - YouTube
Liz Johnston – YouTube

Fans have been enjoying the rare updates about Liz’s pregnancy, including her baby bump photos. Now, Liz’s mom Amber is reminding fans that the baby’s arrival is just around the corner!

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Liz Johnston’s Baby’s Arrival Is Happening Very Soon

On Monday evening, Amber Johnston shared a sweet new picture with fans. In the snap, Brice and Liz are standing together in their baby’s nursery, showing off all of the hard work they’ve put in. The parents-to-be look very happy in the gorgeous photo. In her exciting Instagram post, Amber updated fans on the baby’s upcoming arrival. She wrote, “tEaMwOrK getting the last minute items in order before Baby B arrives! #weeksaway.”

They kept things pretty neutral with tan, white, natural wood, and green tones. Above the white changing table is a faux deer head, a mirror, and a macrame flower. There’s a sweet little reading corner with a child-sized armchair and bookshelves. There are also a couple of baskets of toys and a rocking cow instead of a rocking horse.

7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston - Amber Johnston Instagram
7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston – Amber Johnston Instagram

In response, fans are freaking out over the adorable nursery and wishing Brice Bolden and Liz Johnston the best in this huge new chapter. Someone sweetly said, “Liz is going to be the best mama to her baby?”

Others are excited for Amber and Trent to become grandparents. One fan wrote, “I cannot wait to see Trent as a grandpa. That baby is going to be spoiled rotten ?”

Hopefully, Liz and the baby stay healthy throughout the remaining weeks of her pregnancy and the delivery.

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