‘Little People Big World’ Zach Roloff’s House Collapses

Zach Roloff seems like a great dad to Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah and he goes to any lengths to keep them safe. Now that it’s Christmas time, the Little People, Big World star gets his hands dirty and does festive season activities with the kids. However, he’s the one who had a disaster with his house that fell. No, don’t worry, it’s not a real house. Read on to find out what happened

Zach Roloff Sometimes Babysits The Kids For Tori

Tori decorated her Christmas tree like she always does after her husband and the kids all selected one. Thanksgiving was over and soon everything looked like Santa was on the horizon. Each year, she takes to her social media and lets TLC fans know what they are doing. However, it can get a bit overwhelming, so sometimes, her husband takes over with the children.

LPBW - Zach Roloff Is A Devoted Dad - Instagram
LPBW – Zach Roloff Is A Devoted Dad – Instagram

Zach Roloff took over for a bit when Tori felt that she needed a break. She always knows when the time comes, because she feels guilty if she snaps at the children. The Little People, Big World star is as human as the rest of us, it seems. Actually, nobody ever seems to feel like the perfect parent all of the time.

Little People, Big World – Zach Plays Gingerbread Houses

This weekend, a video on Instagram stories revealed that the dad entertained the children in the living room. Josiah sat perched on his chair. Meanwhile, Lilah and Jackson sat at the table with their dad. All the makings were spread out on the table. In his photos, the LPBW star said, “Gingerbread houses tonight.”

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LPBW - Zach Roloff making gingerbread houses- Instagram
LPBW – Zach Roloff making gingerbread houses- Instagram

My partner was an excellent decorator.

What happened next got everyone laughing, and the kids crowed. The Little People, Big World star’s house collapsed with an ominous cracking sound. The caption on the video of that said:

Zachary on the other hand, had the odds stacked against him.

Unfortunately, the TLC stars didn’t share the videos of the collapsing gingerbread house where TLC fans could comment. LPBW fans might not always agree with the couple, but they enjoy a good laugh. Additionally, it made for a wholesome if disastrous family moment this festive season. In years to come, maybe a grown-up Jackson will tell his own kids about the day his father’s house fell down.

What are your thoughts? Do think that it’s funny because Zach Roloff’s gingerbread house collapsed? Certainly, it sounded as if Jackson thought it was hilarious. Did that ever happen to you? Sound off in the comments below and come here often for more news about TLC’s Little People, Big World stars.

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