Leon Brown Look So Happy In Their New Life With Partner Audrey, Away From Family Drama!

Sister Wives star Leon Brown is the only child of Meri and Kody Brown. They prefer keeping their life private and, thus, are rarely seen on the popular TLC show. In June last year, they came out as transgender and non-binary, which is still a difficult pill to digest for their father, Kody.

This is indeed the main reason for their estrangement. But the reality TV celeb is having the best time of their life with their partner, Audrey Kriss. The latter recently posted a heartwarming picture online, wherein Leon and Audrey donned wide smiles. Here is more about it!

    Leon Brown Flaunts Wide Smile With Audrey

Leon Brown from Sister Wives have been praised for owning identity and not shying away from letting the world know. They use they and them pronouns now after coming out as transgender in June last year. However, the news was difficult for both their parents, but Meri has always rushed to support her kid, unlike Kody. Thus, the father and the kid’s relationship has since been falling out.

There have been numerous occasions where Leon has shared glimpses of their life. And all these glimpses have sheer delight and happiness in common. Recently, Audrey Kriss shared an Instagram post sharing wide smiles with their partner, Leon Brown. They oozed pure love and joy in the wholesome selfie with the bright sun glaring in the background.

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Leo wore a golden chain and a pair of sunglasses around their neck, besides a couple of nose rings. Audrey even added a sunset emoji in the caption to define the adorable selfie. The two have secretly wedded on 29 October 2022 at a house in Colorado, as per TheSun. The information was shared last month, wherein the source also shared that their marriage certificate indicated that they had a ‘self-solemnized’ ceremony as there was no judge or officiant. A source also revealed that Leon’s father, Kody Brown, did not attend their Colorado wedding because of the estrangement.

Sister Wives: Leon Brown Shares A Troubled Bond With Father, Kody Brown!

In August, reports disclosed that Kody and his kid, Leon, share an estranged relationship. The trouble in their bond blossomed when the latter came out as transgender ahead of undergoing a gender-affirming surgery. The source shared that the former does not support their kid’s transformation. They added that Kody even feels “disgusted” with Leon’s decision.

Above all, Kody allegedly expressed that he cannot identify with Leon, for they are no longer “the little girl” he raised. The insider also added that Kody and Leo do not share a relationship and that their estrangement has affected Kody and Meri’s bond.

Sister Wives

They continued that Meri supports her kid and will choose Leon over Kody at any point in her life. However, the lone wolf and their dear child are not the only Sister Wives stars who share an estranged bond with Kody. As Christine Brown was the first one to divorce him in November 2021. Even Janelle confirmed her split on the Tell-all episode of December 2022. Additionally, Janelle’s kids have a troubled relationship with their father. So, stay tuned to the

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