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Latest news. One of Yohan’s 50-60 other women speaks out

Brandan defended why he calls his wife Mary a "bitch" during arguments, saying he wants her to "stand up for herself"

The couple’s stories have concluded on TLC — at least for now. Monday night’s two-hour tell all episode wrapped each couple’s stories in a bow, though some appeared to end messier than others.

Holly and Wayne, Shekinah and Sarper, Kirsten and Julio, Brandan and Mary, Kimberly and TJ, Daniele and Yohan and Kenny and Armando are onto the next phases of their lives — some together, and some apart.

Here’s what fans learned about each couple on Monday night’s finale.

Holly and Wayne

90 Day Fiance
Holly and Wayne may still have a future as a married couple.TLC

Wayne and Holly are turning to a new chapter.

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The pair — who have been across the world from each other for four months — agreed to give their marriage another shot. In a between-take FaceTime call, Holly admitted she was hoping to reconcile.

“I wanna go back and be with you again. Do you still want to be with me?” she asked Wayne.

Though the South African man wasn’t sure things would work perfectly, he replied: “The thing is, I just think we have a lot to work on. But I’ve told you before, you’re my soulmate… we’re meant to be together.”

In further conversation, Wayne promised to try to see things from Holly’s emotional side more, and learn to offer her continuous support. In the same, Holly vowed to toughen up so the more emotional moments don’t get the best of their relationship.

Shekinah and Sarper 

90 Day Fiance
Shekinah gave Sarper an ultimatum — to throw out his little black book.TLC

Sarper and Shekinah’s controversial love story was temporarily sidelined by another man — Dan.

As seen earlier on the series, Shekinah’s longtime friend had repeatedly expressed his feelings for her — and did so again on the Tell All. The friend appeared virtually to reiterate how he thinks he’s more compatible with Shekinah than Sarper.

He held up a sign that read, “Hey! Give Dan the man a chance!!!” while butting heads with Shekinah over their different stories regarding past, sexual contact. She maintained they were never intimate, which he said is not “100 percent true.”

Dan shot back at Shekinah and Sarper’s weight routine and food restriction. “I like you as you are. I don’t think you need to lose more weight,” he said. “You’re a beautiful girl. You’re a sweet soul, and I think Sarper should see that.”

Sarper responded. “This is our relationship dynamic. She loves to serve,” to which Shekinah confirmed, “It makes me happy to serve him.”

Sarper then confirmed how he calculated his ever-present 2,500 body count, and pulled out a color-coordinated notebook. Full of X’s for each woman, Sarper’s notebook trackings changed the color based on “how pretty they were.”

For Shekinah, this was a huge deal breaker — and she vowed not to see him in person again until he destroyed the notebook. The rest of the cast was shocked at the flippant sexual count, and questioned Sarper’s respect for women, as well as his decision to count his intimate partners in such a calculated way.

Brandan and Mary 

90 Day Fiance
Mary and Brandan explained their argument tactics.TLC

Welcome to the world, Midnight!

Brandan and Mary announced the name of their one-month-old daughter, as well as detailed Mary’s somewhat-scary birthing process. She had a “cord coiled” during delivery, which meant the baby struggled with the umbilical cord around her neck. Everything ended up okay, with both Mary and Midnight safe and healthy.

Things haven’t changed too much between the couple, however. Brandan was still playing video games, and defended why he calls her a “bitch” in arguments. “I want her to stand up for herself,” he said of the word. “I want her to be like, ‘Don’t call me that. I’m not a bitch.’ I want to get that out of her.”

Cast members were unsure how to offer support with Brandan’s antics. His mom, Angela, joined the cast to recount current struggles in Mary and Brandan’s relationship. She reflected on the couple’s ongoing cycle: “His instinct is to leave,” she said, when things are stressful and Mary “doesn’t want him to leave.”

Mary remembered a recent incident where she was “holding my baby [and] he’s yelling at me.” Angela encouraged both Brandan and Mary to seek therapy. “It is not okay for my son to raise his voice or yell at her, especially in front of their daughter. If he’s getting to that point, leave. Take a walk. Whatever. Don’t let you emotions get so much that you’re causing a huge scene.”

To Mary, she added, “I want you to understand that, in all honesty, both of you need individual therapy for your own individual trauma. I want you to understand that when you’re talking to someone who is in the position to help you learn the tools… it is not an attack on who you are. You are so afraid of being wrong, of failing, of not being good enough, that you think if you say, ‘This is what I’m struggling with,’ that makes you a failure. And it doesn’t.”

The couple was considering a move to America with their baby — currently with “one foot in the house we built” and another stepping toward a global change of scene. For Mary, her grandmother’s illness was the thing still holding her back.

Daniele and Yohan 

90 Day Fiance
Daniele and Yohan still aren’t on the same page about his alleged cheating.TLC

Two prior Tell All episodes showed the end of Daniele and Yohan’s marriage — and how his alleged other women played a role. One woman appeared to tell her side on Monday night. The woman, named Memory, shared how Yohan slid in her Facebook DMs one night.

“To begin with, it was, ‘Hey, how are you, what you got going on?’ Eventually, he was like, ‘You have to visit the DR…’” she said. At the time, Memory claimed Yohan told her he was “single, going through a divorce, and that she was trying to take everything from him.”

Yohan claimed he doesn’t “remember who she is,” but noted that when women on Facebook or Instagram follow him, he often messages them a “hello.” Of his alleged connection with Memory, he added, “It may or may not be true.”

When asked if he’ll admit to cheating on Daniele at any time, Yohan replied: “I can say what I want, but you’re going to see it your way. I’m not interested anymore.”

He concluded to Daniele: “I wish I had been unfaithful so I would have felt better. I was too good to you.”

Kimberly and TJ 

90 Day Kimberly TJ
Kimberly and TJ won’t be spending time together for a while, as she stays in America.TLC

Right as the episode ended, Kimberly dropped a bombshell about her marriage with TJ. Though she’s still in love, she’s not planning to return to India for at least four months. While spending time with her family in America, Kimberly admitted she’d “be sad” to return to her husband.

“At this point, I don’t know that I can count TJ in my plans for the future,” she said. “Theoretically, I’d like him to be there, but realistically, I don’t know where to put him.”

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