Kody’s Jason Bourne Fantasy Explained (He Doesn’t Know Who He Is & Wants To Disappear)

Does Sister Wives star Kody Brown feel like Jason Bourne? Kody's lost his sense of self and wants to disappear. He's surrounded by intrigue.

Kody Brown’s falling apart in Sister Wives season 18 (he says he doesn’t know who he is anymore), and he’d love to disappear. This kind of talk makes him sound like Jason Bourne, who was fished out of the Mediterranean Sea in the 2002 film, The Bourne Identity. When he was rescued, Jason had psychogenic amnesia. He didn’t know who he was, and needed to evade mysterious foes as he embarked on a quest of self-discovery. Now, Kody’s perplexed by the changes in his life, and wishing he could go unnoticed. However, thanks to the drama that favoring Robyn Brown created, he’s more famous than ever.

Sister Wives season 18’s been a wild ride so far. Like most rides, it started a little slow, but quickly became exciting. Right now, on the show, the stakes are sky-high. Kody, whose identity was founded on being the poster boy for polygamy, is dealing with failure. Christine Brown left, puncturing his curated persona. In life, everyone’s going to fail sometimes, but Kody doesn’t seem to understand that. Also, he can’t seem to acknowledge his own shortcomings. Jason, unable to remember much of anything, went into autopilot mode in order to survive. Kody’s now phoning it in with his remaining wives. That approach is ineffective so far.

Christine Brown’s Departure Made Kody Want To Go Underground

Sister Wives' Christine Brown and Kody Brown looking serious

Although he doesn’t seem to love Christine, he’s wounded by her departure. He’s also at war with Janelle Brown. Kody’s intensely paranoid, seeing enemies everywhere, and he’s wishing he could escape all the turmoil. However, Kody, the father of 18, may find privacy elusive, just as Jason did.

Kody can’t resort to visceral physical fights in order to blow off steam and vanquish his enemies. He can’t throw someone through the window of a chic European apartment. The tension’s building up, and his only outlet is unloading on his “bros,” or making disgusting crêpes. His culinary creations feature a nauseating combination of ingredients, including cheese, berries and “weird” aioli.

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Although CIA operatives aren’t on his tail, Kody’s questioning the motives of everyone around him, including “Teflon Queen” Janelle. Yes, he actually called her that. While Jason’s paranoia was wholly justified, Kody’s imagination may be in overdrive. He could be seeing plots against him that don’t even exist. Janelle’s been his BFF for years. If she’s got a problem with him, maybe there’s a good reason why.

Rather than embrace painful self-awareness, Kody chooses to play Jason’s persecuted role. In the Bourne franchise, Jason was almost always alone as he tried to piece the puzzle together. When he found someone who cared (and wanted to help him), he lost her. His romance was doomed to end. Jason’s true love Marie Helena Kreutz rests in a watery grave, but Robyn’s still alive. However, she’s getting annoyed, and if Robyn leaves Kody too, his great love may also perish.

Sister Wives- Kody Started The Brown Family Civil War

Love isn’t more precious because it’s gone. Kody must protect what he has now, rather than missing it in the future. Love that’s real, rather than a treasured memory, deserves respect. Maintaining that kind of bond’s always a battle, and since Kody’s in Jason’s “fight or flight” state of mind, he doesn’t seem soft and sensitive enough to keep his marriage with Sister Wives‘ Robyn Brown alive. Janelle’s also reacting to Kody’s defensive vibe, and not in a good way. He might as well be wearing full tactical gear because he’s just a bit threatening right now. He has an attitude. Luckily, his words are his only weapons.

Sure, his exes aren’t angels, and Robyn’s the queen of passive-aggressive troublemaking. Nonetheless, he’s changed so much that his wives aren’t sure who he is either. While he’s not toting a red bag from a Swiss bank, which is filled with guns, passports and cold hard cash, he’s still a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Also, as another spy film legend, Austin Powers, memorably said, Kody needs to, “double-oh behave.”

montage of Kody Brown from Sister Wives

While Kody’s not the strong silent type like Jason, he’s putting up walls, just like Jason had to do. When Jason was willing to be vulnerable, he put himself (and others) at risk. In the spycraft game, giving away too much information just isn’t smart, and the ties that bind, such as romantic relationships, can be used as leverage. In Kody’s current state, he’s on edge and can’t trust. While he’ll lash out when he’s confronted, and show a bit of what’s inside, some of his musings about women and polygamy seem like a contrived PR move. He appears to be hiding a lot of what he really feels.

He did come clean when he said that he felt “relief” when a wife left, as things had just been so miserable. That’s the kind of honesty that the popular series needs. For years, everyone’s been pretending. There’s been so much subterfuge. Kody was basically monogamous, while going through the motions of being a polygamist. Everyone could see that it was a sham. More truthfulness won’t go amiss as he navigates Sister Wives season 18. He needs to get real about what he’s done wrong, rather than putting it all on the women. However, he probably won’t have the courage.

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