Kody & Robyn Brown’s Lies Protect Themselves Not Kids

Fans of TLC’s Sister Wives believe Kody and Robyn Brown are not afraid to bend the truth if it means protecting themselves. Furthermore, fans believe lying to protect their children is sometimes a happy accident. Sadly, fans are in agreement Kody and Robyn Brown would never control or alter the narrative of the story simply to protect their children.

Dayton Brown’s ATV Accident: The Untold Story

As fans know, Robyn Brown’s son Dayton was in a horrible ATV accident back in 2012. Over the years, it has come up as a topic of conversation on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook fan groups. While Robyn did address the accident once on Twitter. She explained that Dayton did not want the accident covered on the show, so it wasn’t.

Now, most fans believe that an accident is just an accident. They don’t think Robyn or Kody did anything intentionally to harm Dayton. Fans, however, question if proper safety protocols were in place.

Dayton Brown from Sister Wives Robyn Brown's Instagram page
Dayton Brown from Sister Wives
Robyn Brown’s Instagram page

Furthermore, Kody Brown has never been opposed to exploiting some of his other children’s problems and health issues. For example, Robyn Brown’s daughter’s panic attacks were featured on the show. So, fans have a hard time buying that Kody and Robyn Brown didn’t cover the accident details on the show to protect Dayton.

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Kody And Robyn Brown Lie To Protect Themselves?

One Sister Wives fan took to a thread on Reddit in a frustrated rage. They noted that Kody and Robyn Brown only said they did things to protect their children because it made them look better as parents. They, however, were only ever really protecting themselves.

The frustrated fan vented: “Ugh because when they’re lying about things they just vague out and be secretive… pretend it’s about protecting the kids. It’s not, it’s about protecting themselves and their story!!”

If they were being honest about one tiny bit of the accident they could talk about it. They didn’t want to say anything specific because someone would’ve had to call them out in it.

If they were worried about the kids privacy they wouldn’t force adoptions on them, or film their panic attacks, or not dip out of going to their important surgery on camera…. OR HAVE A WHOLE TV SHOW about how messy the family is.”

Dayton Brown - Twitter/Screenshot
Dayton Brown – Twitter/Screenshot

Other Fans Chime In On The Lies

Nearly 40 Sister Wives fans upvoted the comment above suggesting they agreed with it. Many others, however, chimed in with their thoughts on Robyn and Kody Brown’s lies:

  • “their definition of ‘out of town’ is pretty sketchy, since it was a Las Vegas city ambulance that picked him up.”
  • “It happened when they weren’t filming and they don’t want to admit it was just the family there. It wasn’t ‘friends’, it was Kody and the boys.”
  • “Because it was Kody’s fault.”

Some Sister Wives fans speculate the real reason they were so secretive is out of fear. They feared fans would twist the ATV accident into being Kody’s and/or Robyn’s fault.

Robyn Brown-YouTube
Robyn Brown-YouTube

Why do you think Kody and Robyn Brown never shared the whole story of the ATV accident? Were they protecting Dayton or were they just protecting themselves? Share your answers in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on your favorite TLC families.

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