Kody & Robyn Brown Publicly Affectionate Amid Christine’s Big Day

Kody Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives was spotted (and photographed) snuggled up with his wife Robyn just a few days after Christine and David Woolley’s wedding.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Kody and Robyn Brown were not in attendance of the wedding. Moreover, the couple actually fled Flagstaff during Christine’s wedding weekend. Kody and Robyn were spotted and photographed at an airport in Texas. Noticeably, they were without any of their children. It was unclear why they were in Texas, where they were headed, or if they were returning home.

This new photo of Kody and Robyn Brown confirms they are done traveling and have returned home. Interested in seeing this new photo of Kody Brown and his only remaining wife? Curious to know what fans think of the photo? Keep reading for the details.

Robyn Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Robyn and Kody – Youtube

Monday, October 9th was Robyn Brown’s birthday. And, paparazzi spotted Kody and Robyn heading into a school on that special day. Now, fans assume the school is that of Ariella or Solomon. So, they likely were not there to celebrate Robyn’s birthday. The photos were exclusively obtained by The Sun and can be viewed by scrolling down or clicking here.

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The photos feature Kody Brown with his arm affectionately wrapped around the waist of Robyn. The Sister Wives stars walked beside each other as they entered the school. Kody Brown wore a dark purple polo shirt with snug denim pants. Robyn ditched her signature floral tops for a solid blue shirt with medium-length sleeves. She paired her royal blue top with a pair of snug black jeans.

Robyn Brown’s snug black jeans allowed her to show off her curves as she walked with her husband, Kody.

Kody Brown Robyn Brown YouTube

When entering the school, Robyn and Kody appeared to have somewhat of a serious expression on their face. Things, however, were lighter when they left the school. Kody Brown laughed as Robyn spoke while they walked away from the school. Fans assume the meeting at the school went well.

Check out the photos of Kody and Robyn entering the school in the tweet below:


According to The Sun, this sighting of Kody and Robyn Brown happened later in the day. So, it is unclear whether the couple celebrated her birthday before or after the meeting at the school. Sadly, exactly what they did to celebrate her birthday is unknown. The timing of the photo, however, does answer one question. Fans believe Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted heading home when they were at the airport in Texas.

The Sun also reports spotting Kody Brown running errands without his wife Robyn earlier that same day. Fans suspect he could have been preparing to celebrate Robyn’s birthday.

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