Kody Gives Surprise Update On Sons’ Relationship With Him

Season 18 of Sister Wives reveals that things went really bad with Robert Garrison Brown and his dad. He said, “You know what, Robyn, have him. We’re all grown adults that don’t need a father figure anymore.” It came after years of tension between him and Kody Brown and his brother, Gabriel “Gabe” Brown. In a new preview for the TLC show, Kody gave an update on where he stands with his kids that he conceived with Janelle.

Sister Wives Garrison And His Dad Clashed Seriously

Ever since Kody demanded that Janelle throw out Gabe and Garriosn for breaking his covid-19 rules, there have been bad feelings between him and his sons. However, with Garrison, it seemed that the resentment was there long before they left Las Vegas. A throwback video revealed that when his dad ordered him to obey orders, his son snapped back about how during the “Russian Revolution,” soldiers shot the sargents they didn’t like.

Sister Wives viewers saw that Season 18 brought some really toxic scenes with the adult kids and their dad. Robyn managed to hijack their holiday plans and somehow make herself and her kids the victims. In fact, it seemed like the last straw for the boys. Actually, Gwendlyn was not impressed either. But how is it going between the polygamist and his boys at the moment?


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Sister Wives Preview Kody Brown Updates On The Kids

In a new preview for the TLC show, Janelle talked about how her estranged husband seems much better with Savanah. Remember, he ghosted his daughter at Christmas. When Kody visited his estranged second wife in her new apartment, she explained that these days, he’s much better with Savanah. In fact, he meets her and takes her out “for dinner’ every couple of weeks.

Sister Wives Kody Gives Update On Sons' Relationship With Him - TLC
Sister Wives – Kody talks about Garrison and Gabe Brown – TLC

In a confessional, Kody talked about Gabe and Garrison. First, he described his relationship with Savanah as “sweet.” Then the Sister Wives star said, “I haven’t been in touch with Gabriel and Garrison for quite a while.” Next, he claimed that he felt “sad.” Additionally, he admitted that they’re “not close anymore.” He added, “There were so many rich things that we did in our lives together that were special experiences.” However, as they are estranged, he can only “hope that in time, they can get over this.”

The Sister Wives star also mentioned that “there’s not really an open door to Gabe and Garrison.” He noted that they’re “not willing to engage” with him. TLC fans on Reddit didn’t feel sorry for Kody Brown who pushed his boys away. Additionally, they were not impressed that he only sees Savanah every two weeks.

One commenter said, “…per janelle, he’s making more of an effort with S and sees her every couple of weeks. Didn’t he harp during covid that he was so upset not seeing Aurora for ten days? Didn’t he cut a trip with J short because he couldn’t be away from Sol and Ariella for more than three days? The man infuriates me.”

On Gabe and Garrison Brown, another commenter said, “The way he describes his relationships is so weird. Mine and Savannah’s relationship is sweet (barf) The boys and I had lots of rich experiences (wtf does that mean)?” They also wrote, “It’s tragic that he will never actually know the unending bond when you truly love your child.”

Kody Brown Tours Janelle's New Apartment:

What do you think of Kody Brown saying that he feels sad about the estrangement from Garrison Brown and Gabe? With Savanah, do you think that a fortnightly visit with his daughter is enough? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for more news about Sister Wives on TLC.

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