Kody & Christine Brown’s Daughter In Jail

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his ex-wife Christine’s daughter landed in a jail cell over the weekend and her mugshot made rounds on social media. Fortunately, her mother Christine was able to confirm their daughter wasn’t behind bars for very long. And, she even shared a photo of the experience with her Instagram followers. Which daughter of Christine and Kody Brown hit the slammer? Scroll down for the details and to see her mugshot.


Kody & Christine Brown’s Daughter In Jail: See Mugshot

Kody and Christine Brown’s youngest daughter Truely landed in a jail cell this weekend as her mugshot made rounds on social media. It, however, wasn’t a real mugshot or a real jail. Turns out, Truely and her mother Christine took a solo trip to San Francisco to visit the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. The museum offers a lot of fun photo opportunities including getting a mugshot taken and landing behind bars.

Here is the mugshot Christine Brown shared of her daughter on her Instagram profile:

Truely Brown - Instagram
Truely Brown – Instagram
Truely Brown - Instagram
Truely Brown – Instagram

Sister Wives fans appreciated Christine taking the time to share these fun photos with them on Instagram as it looked as though she and Truely had a wonderful time together.

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Christine Has Been Very Active With Her Daughter

As Sister Wives  know, Christine Brown has been sharing a lot of posts involving her daughter Truely as of late. In the past week, she revealed they crossed something off their bucket list when they visited the Winchester Mystery Mansion together.

When Christine first announced her engagement to David Woolley, fans had mixed feelings about it because the announcement was made on Truely’s birthday. Fans, however, have settled down as they now see Christine isn’t casting her daughter aside for a new man. In fact, fans adored seeing Christine break away from David for her trip to the wax museum because this meant Truely was still getting some one-on-one time with her mother.

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