Kody Brown’s Strained Relationship With Kids Might Be Permanent, According To New Sister Wives Clues

Sister Wives fans spot a major clue about Kody Brown's relationship with his estranged kids. He shares 18 children with his four current and ex-wives.

  • Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s relationship with his kids is potentially irreparably broken.
  •  Kody may have deliberately chosen not to refer to his estranged children by name, possibly blocking them out of his life.
  •  The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted Kody’s relationships, leading to estrangement and neglect towards his older children.

According to a shocking Sister Wives reveal, Kody Brown and his relationship with his kids could be irreparably broken. Kody was legally married to Meri Brown and “spiritually married” to his two other wives, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown, when Sister Wives premiered in 2010. Kody soon “spiritually” married Robyn Brown in the same year and divorced Meri in 2014 to marry her legally. Kody did this in order to adopt Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage. The adoption had severe repercussions for Kody’s family, especially his own biological children, as he gave preferential treatment to his adopted children.

Kody has a total of 18 kids with his exes and current wife, but most of them don’t have a relationship with him. According to a major clue spotted by Kleighk, Kody may have confirmed these broken relationships will never mend. During the ongoing One on One specials for Sister Wives season 18, host Sukanya Krishman asked Kody about not going to Christmas to see his kids with Christine and Janelle. The fan realized that Kody hasn’t referred to any of his estranged kids by name throughout the last several episodes. The viewer observed how Kody refers to them collectively as “Janelle’s kids.”

Why Is Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Estranged From His Kids?

Kody Brown taking photo with his kids and wives on Sister Wives

The Redditor reminded fellow viewers about how “delusional” Kody is known to be. He deliberately chose not to utter his kids’ names, which could mean that he’s chosen to block them out of his memories and his life. It appears Kody also included daughter Savanah Brown’s name in the “bogus a**holes” comment. Reddit user MrsPFKnone had an interesting theory as to why Kody could have behaved in such a strange way during the Tell-All. It might be Kody’s way of justifying his “horrid behavior” if he continued to “dehumanize” each of the children by removing their names and collectively referring to the kids as “them.”

Kody claims that the COVID-19 pandemic started to negatively impact his relationships. He was not in a good place with Christine, and his relationships with Jenelle and Meri Brown were slowly unraveling. Kody believed he was turning “powerless” as a father figure. He said he had reached out to two of his and Janelle’s six kids, Garrison Briown and Gabriel Brown, and found out he had been blocked by them. Garrison blamed his father for their estrangement. Meanwhile, Janelle noted how Kody seemed to have trouble relating to his older children, and he seemed to dote on the younger ones.

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Janelle revealed that Kody did not reach out to their kids at all during Christmastime. Garrison said they had reached out and tried to be open and, in turn, were neglected and overlooked by Kody. Janelle admitted she felt “a little bit of a sadness” that Kody was not showing up for his kids. They had been celebrating Christmas together for the last 30 years, but this time around, Kody and Robyn did not make enough efforts to see the children.

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