Kody Brown’s Friend Might Have Predicted The End Of Sister Wives

A friend of Kody Brown's shared an opinion that eventually wound up reflecting reality for Sister Wives.

  • Not everyone approved of Kody Brown’s polygamist lifestyle, leading to external and internal turmoil within the Sister Wives family.
  •  Kody’s friend warned him against having multiple wives and suggested he leave three of them to be welcomed back into their shared church.
  •  Kody’s lack of defense for his wives during this confrontation may have contributed to the eventual departure of three of his wives from the family.

For many years, fans have enjoyed watching the TLC series Sister Wives. In the show, which centers around a family who lives a life of polygamy, audiences have become familiar with Kody Brown, his four wives, and their combined 18 children. While the family maintained their loyalty to plural marriage for many years, there were people in their lives who didn’t support their marriages.

Not Everyone Was Impressed With Kody Brown’s Polygamist Lifestyle

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown on Sister Wives
via TLC

The beginning of the Sister Wives series saw the family fleeing from their shared home in Utah amid arrest rumors that they would be prosecuted for their chosen lifestyle. After they settled in Las Vegas and began their new lives in the state of Nevada, the family began experiencing turmoil internally as well as externally, which followed the family as they later relocated to Arizona.

Having been used to comments and threats about their family for years, the Brown family grew accustomed to ignoring the behaviors and continuing with their lives. However, a friend of Kody’s made a particularly hurtful statement that stopped the wives in their tracks.

This event resulted in multiple arguments and the possible demise of the family. What did this friend allege about the Brown family, and why did it resonate so strongly?

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Kody’s Friend Once Warned Him Against Having Multiple Wives

Christine Brown on Sister Wives
via TLC

What’s more, Kyle further asserts that Kody should leave three of his wives to be welcomed back into the church they once shared. This declaration was made in front of Kody Brown and his four wives, in addition to other acquaintances in attendance.

What hit the wives and the audience especially hard was that Kody didn’t attempt to defend his family’s honor or that of his wives. In fact, he continued his relationship with the friend and acted as if the comment hadn’t been made.

This act angered the wives, especially Christine, who pointed out that if the tables were turned, Kody wouldn’t want his wives to engage in a relationship with an individual like that. Instead, he would want them to take a supportive stance and move forward without that person and their negative influence in their lives.

Eventually, Three Of Kody’s Wives Left Anyway

Kody Brown, his wives from Sister wives arriving at the opening night of 'Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth - Live On Stage' at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV
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While Kody’s wives have previously left husbands, such as Robyn and her divorce from David Jessop, it wasn’t until well into the television series that Kody Brown’s wives left him.

There were many events that led up to the demise of three of the Brown marriages, but it is likely that Kody’s lack of effort in defending the women in his life made an impact on the decisions.

As Christine, Meri, and Janelle have moved on from their relationships with the Brown patriarch, their new lives have proven to be fruitful and enjoyable. Christine Brown has since remarried and purchased a new home in Utah, while Meri is spending more time at her bed and breakfast, and Janelle is reconnecting with her kids.

While the original three wives went through a bout of heartbreak regarding their separation from Kody, they now find themselves in a better place, with Janelle saying that she is in a more peaceful state without Kody.

Although the future is unknown for how the Sister Wives series will proceed with the new family dynamic, fans are just as invested as ever in the drama that encircles the once polygamous unit.

Did Kody’s high school friend predict the future of the Brown family with his statement at their class reunion? While we will never know for sure, perhaps he saw flaws in the family dynamic that fans weren’t privy to and called the situation as he saw it while interjecting his personal beliefs into the conversation as well.

Ultimately, the projection panned out, and the Brown family looks much different than they did during that fateful conversation.

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