Kody Brown Wants Janelle To Follow “Plural Monogamy” Instead Of Polygamy — Gaslighting Her To Stay?

Kody and Janelle Brown really seem to be struggling in their marriage. Sister Wives Season 18 is showcasing it all, and fans are curious. They had already had a massive brawl with each other when Kody walked out on his wife, and she told the crew to shut down the filming.

While fans thought it was the final fight between them, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Apparently, Kody and Janelle sat down once again to discuss their situation. Long story short, things again blew out of proportion, and they couldn’t understand and listen to one another.

Sister Wives: Kody Proposes A Plural Monogamy With Janelle, But She Wants To Separate!

As mentioned before, Sister Wives fans saw Janelle and Kody get into a big fight earlier in the new season. They said they were done before the latter walked out. But that wasn’t the end. In the new episode, Kody and Janelle sat together once again to discuss their situation.

The polygamist expressed how his second wife refused to make amends with Meri and Robyn. Hence, he wanted to know if Janelle would be interested in “plural monogamy” as they were not able to be true polygamists.

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Sister Wives

Kody further explained that in plural monogamy, the polygamist has separate spouses and families. Moreover, these families don’t interact with each other, unlike there being one big family with Sister Wives. Well, Janelle claimed that Plural Monogamy was Kody’s idea.

Yet, he was showcasing it as if it was what she wanted. To Kody, she mentioned wanting to separate for a while so she could figure out what she wanted. She admitted having thoughts of leaving the family before, but she didn’t want to do that at that moment.

Sister Wives: Punishment Beyond Crime! Kody Unhappy With Janelle’s Separation Decision

While Janelle from Sister Wives emphasized that she needs time. Kody questioned her about the “value” of the separation. Well, she quickly shot back and said she is “more self-aware” when her husband is not with her. Instead of agreeing or disagreeing, Kody called himself quite “laidback.”

At last, the mom of six admitted that the couple needs a “redefinition.” That’s because she felt that some situations from the past still made her angry. She could be referring to their fights from the past. Hence, Janelle wasn’t sure if they could repair their marriage 100%.

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Kody was on a different tangent when he heard his wife. He believed that Janelle’s decision to separate and want time was like “punishment beyond crime.” At last, he believed this whole situation was one big “wake-up call” for him.

The star began feeling like Janelle wasn’t interested in the bond and would move on after getting what she wanted. Well, fans already know that the couple separated in December 2022 after being unable to fix their marriage.

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