Kody Brown Sets Christine Free, Feels Relief It’s Over?

Reflecting on the end of their relationship, Kody Brown was stuck in a weird and frustrating limbo when Christine first moved his stuff out. The TLC star explained he felt “ambivalent” at the time. Moreover, he thought Christine was playing some sort of cruel game with him. In hindsight, he didn’t take the situation as seriously as he should have. Largely because he was mad. And, before he knew it… It was over for good.

Kody Brown Realizes Where He Messed Up

The Sister Wives star has had plenty of time to sit down and think about his history with Christine. He’s thought about all the good times. And, he’s thought about all of the bad. There, however, was one clear moment in their history. A moment he believes he made a huge mistake. A mistake that may have been Christine’s breaking point.

Kody Brown explained that Christine did come to him one day. She told him that she hated polygamy. However, being the hot-headed kind of person he is… Kody got offended. He quickly read so much more into what she said. Moreover, he took massive offense to it.

“I was going, ‘What the hell? You wouldn’t have a family, you wouldn’t have me, you wouldn’t have our children!’ instead of saying ‘I know it’s hard, baby. I’m sorry. I love you. And I wish it didn’t hurt.’”

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In hindsight, Kody realizes things could have been different if he had taken a step back. He should have empathized with her feelings. Instead of taking them personally and getting offended.

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Kody Brown admits there is a relief that washed over him. It washed over him when they ended the weird limbo of him being kicked out of the house. And, confirmed the relationship was over. Sure, he was mad and hurt. It was hard for him to admit the relationship was over. He, however, also felt this sense of relief in finally letting Christine go.

He explained: “So her being gone [is] relief. The fallout with the whole family is grief, the sadness that kids struggle with… I mean, I think the biggest fantasy any child has is that mom and dad love each other all their lives long.”

“I’ve been humbled enough by this experience to say, ‘Yeah, Christine, cause I did some things wrong. I want to acknowledge it. Say I’m sorry. And essentially set you free.’”

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube

Christine Brown Paints A Different Picture

Unfortunately for Kody Brown, Christine does not believe changing the narrative at that moment would have changed the outcome. Furthermore, she explained it was not just about wrestling with her negative feelings for polygamy alone. Instead, it was the fact that she felt so alone. In addition, Kody Brown clearly had a favorite wife.

Christine wanted to be a good wife. She wanted to bend over backward doing things for Kody. But, when she needed him… He was never there. It was waking up and realizing that one day that was the beginning of the end of her.

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