Kody Brown Reveals REAL REASON He Wanted To Reconcile With Janelle

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown revealed in 2022 that she was no longer with her long-term husband, Kody. This was shocking news for the entire fan base, and they wondered what went wrong in their marriage of 19 years. Hence, Season 18 is currently answering all the questions and is blowing its viewers’ minds.

Amid all this, Kody finally opened up about his thoughts of reconciliation with Janelle and why he believed he could mend fences with her! What did he reveal? Did he seriously want to make things work with Janelle?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Makes A Shocking Confession About Why He Wanted To Reconcile With Janelle

Kody and Janelle decided to meet up in a seek peak from the upcoming Sister Wives episode. It was evident that some kind of tension and awkwardness was prevailing between them because of their previous massive fight.

Hence, Janelle decided to break the silence and confessed that she felt they should stay “separated” for some time now. Kody couldn’t believe this and admitted that he was “sort of surprised” by the way Janelle felt about the situation.

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Sister Wives

Kody revealed that he doesn’t want his marriage to end with Janelle like it did with Christine. He explained that they had separated 2-3 times before as well. But the celeb never thought that his bond with Janelle was actually “over.”

Moreover, Kody claimed that they had separated before just because his estranged wife wasn’t able to cope with her relationship with her Sister Wives. Amid all this, the matriarch also admitted that she still had “affection” for her long-term husband. So, Janelle claimed she was ready to go for counseling.

Kody seemed to be happy that Janelle was at least thinking of going to counseling. He was quick to drag Christine into the matter. The celeb stated how the latter didn’t even consider mending fences and dropped out of their marriage without anything. This topic further escalated and added flames to their argument!

Sister Wives: Janelle Wants Kody To Become A Man! Explains How Christine’s Divorce Affected Her Marriage

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown revealed that since Christine has parted ways with Kody, the latter hasn’t been paying attention to their marriage. She simply confessed to the cameras that her estranged husband needs to become a “man” and handle his “plural marriage.”


But it seems that Kody isn’t able to get over his divorce with Christine at all. Instead of discussing his issues with Janelle, he dragged his split. Kody talked about how he was still “sort of holding the bag’ of things that happened.


Sister Wives

But it seems that Janelle wasn’t convinced by Kody’s explanations at all. She told the cameras that it has been “years” since the latter has been claiming that he is no longer attracted to Christine!

The celeb further added that she was surprised to watch Kody acting like he didn’t see any of this coming. Janelle was quick to claim, “I would have left his a** the first time he said that to me.”

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