Kody Brown Makes Janelle Uncomfortable, Demands A Hug From Her

Kody Brown is one of the rarest reality TV celebrities who has never had a redemption arc. After all, Sister Wives has been airing on TLC for more than a decade, and he seems to be digging a deeper hole for himself. In the new season, fans are upset at him for failing to keep his family together.

Well, Janelle and Meri will finally be leaving him after Christine. Amidst this fiasco, fans observed another creepy thing that Kody did in the latest episode. They have been slamming him on social media since then. So, what did the polygamist do now?

Sister Wives: Fans Unleash Hell On Kody Brown For Making Janelle Uncomfortable!

It has been several years since Sister Wives fans got familiar with Kody Brown. Sadly, he hasn’t been able to create a soft spot for himself in their hearts. Over the years, the audience has despised him for his arrogant, controlling behavior. He has also come off as a misogynist many times.

Christine divorced Kody as he clearly had a “favorite” wife and didn’t feel the same amount of respect. Later, Meri and Janelle also realized they felt the same way and walked out of their plural marriage arrangement. Lately, the new episodes are showcasing how Kody and Janelle’s marriage fell apart.

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Sister Wives

After Kody and Janelle’s scary yet nasty feud that made the latter tell the crew to shut the filming, they met for the second time. It had been a while since it was around New Year 2022. Clearly, Janelle was still disturbed since the last time they met. Hence, she stifled a burst of nervous laughter when she saw her husband for the first time.

After greeting her, Kody demanded a hug, and she obliged. That’s when Sister Wives fans lost their cool. They yelled at the man for not “reading the room.” Everyone sensed Janelle was uncomfortable, yet they felt Kody purposefully disrespected her boundaries by demanding a hug.

Sister Wives: What Are Janelle’s Current Wereabouts? Still Living In An RV Placed In Coyote Pass?

Janelle Brown has been in a fix eversince the new Sister Wives season began. Apart from her failing marriage with Kody, She discussed her finances, too. The star admitted being left with nothing as she rented a place in Flagstaff to save up for Coyote Pass.

When the rest of the family showed disinterest in building there, Janelle decided to save up more and moved in an RV with her daughter Savannah. But extreme cold made the mom move out of her vehicle and they moved into a small rental apartment.

As of 2023, it is unclear to determine if Janelle is still living in the same rental from Christmas 2021. But she and Kody have paid off their Coyote Pass dues. Hence, building a house there is still very much on their table. That’s not all.

Janelle also has to travel frequently to North Carolina for business purposes. At first fans assumed she will be moving there. But she still identifies Flagstaff as her home and lives there.

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