Kody Brown Leaves Shocking Evidence For World To See

Kody Brown claimed he didn’t love any of the other wives and Robyn Brown seemed displeased. But, did the Sister Wives patriarch leave some evidence that he lied about that? Was what he said about the three OGs just to appease his only remaining wife who seems to try and control what comes out of his mouth?

Kody Brown Is Controlled By Robyn Brown?

Sister Wives fans were able to watch some specials about the show. There were two of them, and one aired over a week ago and the second one arrived on Christmas Eve, titled Look Back. Mainly, it covered how the wives felt about their ex-husband favoring Robyn. On New Year’s Eve, there will be a third special. For now, fans discuss how Robyn thinks she can control her husband like some sort of puppet master. But is she failing miserably?

There is sufficient evidence to suggest that Robyn’s husband is either flip-flopping about his family or is just trying to look for more stories about him. Kody Brown talked on social media about regretting taking “the red pill.” Mentioning that he’s “awake” and open to “individual rights,” does that mean that he’s also admitting that he also loves Meri’s trans offspring, Leon? Or, is he just trying to be as famous as Elon Musk? Read on to find out more about the evidence that the Sister Wives star dropped.


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Sister Wives Fans Discuss Kody, Robyn & The OGs

This week, TLC fans on Reddit discussed how Robyn Brown corrected Kody on the special and told him to back off being nasty about the wives. Some people think that she only does that because she is trying to shift the blame off herself for the family split. The OP noted in part:

She hates the way it’s making her look because he clearly only ever cared about how they were allegedly treating Robyn. His kids are going to be so done with him after this “I never loved those other women” bs.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Stops Kody Brown From Speaking – Talk Back Preview

Despite the TLC patriarch denying that he loves his ex-wives, it turns out that his Instagram profile says otherwise. The evidence that Kody Brown lied about not loving the OGs which might have been said to appease Robyn, is clearly stated.

Father of eighteen, husband to four. I love ’em all. Passionate about INDIVIDUAL rights. Apologetic for taking that “red pill”… dang it!!

Sister Wives – Kody Brown – Instagram Profile

Did Kody Brown channel his real feelings in his profile because he knows that Robyn is trying to play the puppet master? In the discussion on Reddit, a follower suggested:

She’s frustrated because she can’t get him to follow the script. She’s got to be exhausted.

What are your thoughts about Kody Brown writing on his profile that he loves everyone? Do you agree that he only said he didn’t love the OGs because he overreacted to Robyn who is not the best puppet master on the planet? Is his profile evidence that he does actually love his family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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