Kody Brown said: ‘Janelle only craves my body’

Season 18 of the Sister Wives franchise is documenting the cracks in Janelle and Kody’s marriage. They had an explosive fight recently that highlighted the issues in their relationship. Viewers can clearly see the stars at the last stage of their marriage.


They have a lot of complaints with each other and are in no mood to reconcile. Now, it appears that Kody and Janelle are giving their relationship the last shot by addressing each other’s issues. However, he appears to be making his own assumptions. Well, Kody believes that his second wife is only attracted to him because of his personality.


Sister Wives: Kody Brown Thinks Janelle Doesn’t Love Him, But Thinks He’s Hot!

Kody Brown is slowly losing all his wives due to his selfish and arrogant behavior. He prioritized his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, over his three wives. Fans of Sister Wives have seen how Kody has ridiculed the claims of his wives and always tries to prove himself right.

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But Janelle Brown was in no mood to listen to her husband’s weird stories. Recently, the couple met each other over lunch to discuss their relationship issues after their explosive fight. However, the patriarch didn’t address his own issues as always.

Whoa buddy, you’re totally missing my point”
Janelle admits that she misses Kody quite a bit. “I miss him. We are best friends and we always have good conversations. I miss him in my bed, I miss him in my house. I miss him.” In a later conversation with Kody she decides to come back to this. “I miss you baby. I just don’t know how we’re going to get out of this. You often have a tendency to come back and forget all the hard things, but this time I need something different.

Kody denkt dat het goed is. Hij is ervan overtuigd dat Janelle helemaal niet van hem houdt. Ze hunkert alleen maar naar zijn lichaam. “Ik denk dat ze mij heet vindt. Ik heb een goed kontje en een geweldige sixpack, maar dat is ook het enige waar ze geïnteresseerd in zijn.”

Janelle kan haar oren niet geloven als ze zijn uitspraken hoort. “Whoa vriend, je mist totaal mijn punt. Er is veel meer in een huwelijk dan alleen maar krachtig aantrekkelijk, onze relatie is in gevaar.”

Instead, Kody claimed that Janelle was not in love with him. He believes she thinks he’s hot. As per him, he has nice pecks and a great six-pack abs. So, that’s all his wife has an interest in. However, Janelle had a completely different opinion about his husband’s views.

She claimed that there’s way more to a marriage than just physical attraction. Further, the TLC star felt that her marriage was in big danger if Kody felt that way. Kody Brown continued to make excuses to save himself from all the blame for his failed relationships.

He revealed that he was completely blindsided by Christine leaving him. However, Janelle couldn’t understand how Kody couldn’t see that coming. She pointed out how he used to discuss his turbulent marriage with Christine with her. Also, she stated that she would have left him the first time he said that to her.


Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Demands Separation While Kody Calls It Punishment!


Kody and Janelle sat for the first time together after their blowout fight. However, it appears that Janelle has already made up her mind. She informed her partner that she wanted to be separated at that time.

However, the Sister Wives star claimed that she was ready to do some counseling if they found someone. However, Kody Brown didn’t get it. He believed that the punishment was way beyond the crime. Also, he thought that it was just a wake-up call to him that she wasn’t in love with him.

The reality TV star Kody continued to wonder that maybe Janelle had gotten what she wanted, and she was moving on. The patriarch also asked if he was just a financial resource to the mom-of-six. Currently, Janelle is uncertain about her future with the polygamist.

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