Kody Brown Isn’t Fond Of The Bond Between Two Of His Former Sister Wives

Despite experiencing the dissolution of three out of his four marriages, the ongoing drama involving Kody Brown and his estranged wives shows no signs of subsiding. Two of his one-time sister wives, Christine and Janelle Brown, have successfully moved on from their relationships with Kody, and he isn’t fond of the bond they continue to share.

Christine was the first to officially break away from the controversial polygamist in November 2021. During Season 18 of “Sister Wives,” Christine revealed, “I left Kody because I could see he had favorites,” hinting at Robyn Brown, who has been widely regarded by the family and “Sister Wives” fans as Kody’s favorite wife. Janelle, Kody’s second wife, parted ways with him less than a year after Christine, citing concerns about how he was treating their six children. Notably, Kody wasn’t happy with how Janelle handled their COVID-19 living situation when she prioritized the kids over him, feeling that Kody was not fulfilling his fatherly duties adequately. “I don’t feel like I’m getting what I deserve from him,” Janelle stated as their split played out on the show (via Today).

Following their divorces, Christine relocated to Utah and has tied the knot with her new beau, David Woolley. Janelle, on the other hand, chose to remain in Flagstaff, where Kody also resides, but seems uninterested in reconciling with him. Kody, on the other hand, feels like there’s hope, but only if Janelle distances herself from Christine.

Christine and Janelle Brown are closer than ever

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As Kody Brown grapples with the aftermath of his plural family’s breakup, his ex, Janelle Brown, is tighter than ever with her former sister wife, Christine Brown. Despite living in different states, Janelle and Christine spend a significant amount of time together, with Christine actively supporting Janelle in moving on with her life post-Kody.

From vacationing together to helping each other get settled in their new spaces, Janelle and Christine have deepened their bond since they’ve both left the controversial polygamist. So much so that Christine made it clear to her new husband, David Woolley, that she comes in a group. “I have a lot of kids, and I have a sister wife, and everywhere I go, Janelle has to come with me,” Christine told him, which Woolley, according to Christine’s People interview, had no problem with.

Christine also played a pivotal role in influencing Janelle to leave Kody. According to a U.S. Sun source, Janelle had no real reason to leave until Christine pointed it out to her.” Gwendlyn Brown, Christine and Kody’s daughter, echoed this sentiment in a YouTube video discussing Janelle’s newfound independence after dumping Kody. “I think that [Janelle] was encouraged by my mom,” she noted, adding, “They just seem to have encouraged each other to be more strong, independent, and confident in themselves.” Despite them both thriving, Kody doesn’t like the fact his ex-wives are so close and believes Christine is preventing him from winning Janelle back.

Christine’s influence isn’t why Janelle won’t take Kody back

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During a Season 18 episode of “Sister Wives,” as reported by People, Kody touched upon his relationship with Janelle. “I do believe we could reconcile,” he noted. However, the patriarch emphasized that it would only be possible if Janelle stopped spending so much time with Christine Brown. “Christine has so much influence over Janelle; I just think it’s pathetic,” a visibly frustrated Kody concluded. But is it really Christine’s fault?

Despite opening up about his feelings, Janelle isn’t really there with Kody yet. During a different episode, Janelle told Kody she doesn’t feel like getting back together because he’s never made a real effort to show her he cares. “It’s always about, ‘Don’t you want to get the family back together,’ so that his life can run smoothly again,” Janelle noted in her confessional segment, adding, “I’m done with that.”

However, there is a sliver of hope for Kody after all, and it’s only because of Janelle’s faith. During her interview for Season 17’s “One-on-One” special, according to People, Janelle admitted, “I don’t want [Kody] to come back, but my faith requires [that] we are married eternally.” While Kody continues to point fingers at everyone else but himself, as per usual, it’s safe to say Christine only helped Janelle find her voice in the midst of the chaos Kody created.

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