Kody Brown Gets Mocked After Saying He Has A Great Body

Kody Brown has come off as very delusional and arrogant during his time on Sister Wives. As the new seasons progress, fans keep finding out more reasons to disapprove of his ways and behavior. After Christine’s departure from the Brown family, Janelle and Meri also started reconsidering their relationship with the celebrity.

Now, they are on the verge of breaking this with the polygamist, and he only keeps making it worse. Kody gave a shocking statement lately. He mentioned how his second wife, Janelle, only wants him for his great body! Here’s what fans had to say about this.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets Mocked After Saying He Has A Great Body! Fans Roar With Laughter

Sister Wives Season 18 continues to get spicier with every episode. Lately, Janelle and Kody have been in conversation regarding where to go when it comes to their relationship. While the former talked about separating from her husband, she admitted missing him in her house and bed.

Well, Kody mistook this and mentioned in his confessional that his second wife only wants him for his body, his “six-pack abs” and “nice pecks.” Well, fans were taken aback by the delusion of the polygamist.

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That’s not all. A fan took matters into their own hand and went on Reddit. As the user did so, they shared a clip of Kody from the previous season. In it, he was enjoying taking a bath in a pond in Coyote Pass. That’s when Sister Wives fans got a look at his physique.

They weren’t able to spot pecks or the so-called six-pack abs that Kody was bragging about. Hence, they had a hearty laughter over his statement. Many compared his body to that of “Spongebob.” A lot of them also gagged at his statements, as mentioned on the Reddit thread.

Sister Wives: Janelle Slams Kody, Continues To Stay Separated From Him

While Kody continued to brag, or rather lie about his physique, Janelle also reacted to this. She expressed in the confessional how she felt about her husband making such a statement. The first thing she said while listening to it was, “Woah there,” and how her husband had missed the boat.

Janelle went on to clarify that what Kody said wasn’t true. She believes there is much more to a marriage than physical attraction that should bind people together. The Sister Wives star said that they have never worked on their differences whenever a feud has happened.

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As per Janelle, Kody comes back whenever a significant time has passed after an argument, and they forget about him. But she wanted things to be different this time around. Hence, she demanded to stay separated from her husband a little while longer.

But, Kody didn’t understand the value behind this and expressed how the punishment was going beyond the crime. Yet, fans have been hopeful that Janelle will soon come to her senses and part ways with the notorious polygamist once and for all.

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