Kody Brown Gets Brutally Honest About Having Kids With Meri

Sister Wives star Kody Brown didn’t hold back when it came to his thoughts about having kids with Meri. The two only had one child. After that, the California native suffered from infertility issues. It was also believed that it was one of the main reasons why their marriage began to fall apart. But it seems that Kody has a different opinion about it. Keep reading to see his thoughts on his supposed plans with Meri.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Only Child

Meri previously shared a rare photo with only child Leon during Gwendlyn’s nuptials in July. The single mother didn’t put any words in her caption aside from several hearts with different colors. However, many Sister Wives fans were glad about their reunion. Leon is presently working as a program manager at Promise South Salt Lake. Kody and Meri’s only child tied the knot with Audrey Kriss on October 29, 2022. According to reports, the two held their nuptials at a courthouse in Colorado.

Meri Leon Instagram
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Kody Opens Up About Having Kids With Meri

While looking at past episodes, Kody opened up about his initial plans to have more kids with Meri. “Retrospectively, I’m really glad we didn’t have more children,” the Sister Wives star said. According to him, it wouldn’t be good for the child because he and his wife weren’t healthy back then.

Kody Brown
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The father of 18 and his former first wife were watching an old clip where they used to be so optimistic about doing in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, Meri herself admitted that it was the right thing to do. Though she revealed how interested they were with Kody, even telling her that they’d look back and be “glad” they did the IVF. Studies show that IVF slightly raises the risk that the baby will be born early or with a low birth weight. It was also reported that the woman may end up suffering from an ovarian tumor, which could lead to cancer.

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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares Emotional Story About Unborn Child

Meri gets emotional during the latest episode of Sister Wives: Look Back. She recalled how she’s been dealing with the miscarriage she suffered in 2007. According to the TLC star, there was a time when she walked past teenagers aged from 15 to 16, and she just smiled, thinking her unborn child could’ve been doing the same thing.

Sister Wives Meri Brown
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

It was a fun, and even bittersweet, moment for me, realizing that had my baby survived, he might be engaging in that same sort of teenaged banter, and having those same sort of memorable teenaged moments.

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