Kody Brown Drops MOAB, His Final Revenge On Christine

Kody Brown dropped the mother of all bombs and had his final revenge on Christine in the latest Sister Wives. The father of eighteen has sunk to new lows in the last few seasons. Yet, when no one thought he could go any lower, of course, he did. So, what exactly did Kody say that cut to the core? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Drops MOAB, His Final Revenge On Christine

Christine Brown really did love Kody Brown but knew that it was time to leave him when he withdrew intimacy. Furthermore, the Sister Wives star was over her husband ignoring his children and having a favorite wife in Robyn Brown. He wed his fourth wife in 2010 and adopted her three children from a previous marriage in 2014. It was clear that he favored her, not just to his other three wives but to his children, as well. However, it took Christine until 2021 to finally tell Kody she was leaving him and the family. He claimed that he was hurt by the divorce but still tried to find ways to hurt her.

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Christine Brown-Instagram
Any Hope?

At this point, Kody Brown has lumped his children with his OG3 wives which has become another set of problems. Followers could not believe he would not even go to his children’s own homes when they were away from their mothers. This only further infuriates Christine, which he probably is aware of because she has been the eternal mama bear. She was the one who raised her children along with former second wife, Janelle Brown’s six. They have always given her credit for that whereas Robyn had a nanny.

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