Kody Brown Demands This Sister Wives Star To Take Accountability For Her Part In Marriage’s Demise

While watching a scene from Sister Wives season 18, Kody Brown says that one of his first three wives must take ownership of her actions.


  •  Kody Brown blames Meri Brown for their marriage problems, but he also neglected her emotionally and physically in favor of his fourth wife.
  •  Meri denies blaming Kody for her catfish scandal, and Janelle Brown supports her, criticizing Kody for shifting blame.
  •  Kody should take responsibility for his own actions and apologize to his ex-wives for neglecting them and causing emotional trauma.

In a new preview of Sister Wives season 18’s Talk Back, Kody reflects on his split from Meri. While watching his breakup scene with Meri, Kody says (via TLC), She isn’t being accountable in her own way for the problems or the discussion in that marriage. The discussions we’ve had.”

Meri looks at the same breakup scene and defends herself by saying she “never blamed” Kody for her catfish scandal. Janelle supports Meri’s comment by calling out Kody’s statement. She says, “It’s so wild to me the way Kody changes the script or flips the script on Meri.”

Montage of Sister Wives' Kody Brown and Meri Brown

Meri was Kody’s first wife, but the couple never shared a close bond. They got married in 1990, but Kody divorced Meri in 2014 and legally married Robyn to adopt her kids. After being deprived of love and support from Kody, Meri fell victim to a catfish scandal in 2015. The person she had an online relationship with turned out to be a woman. After the catfish scandal, Meri and Kody’s marriage deteriorated. The Brown family patriarch lost trust in his first wife and stopped having romantic feelings for her.

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Kody feels that Meri isn’t taking responsibility for ruining her marriage with him. However, the couple’s relationship was broken before the catfish scandal. When Kody started spending more than two days a week with Robyn, he deprived Meri and the other wives of his time, love, and care. Unintentionally, he withdrew physically and emotionally from his first three marriages. He doesn’t deserve to sit back and call out Meri’s actions when he should be equally blamed for his failed marriage.

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