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Kimberly Rochelle Insults Jenny Slatten, Calls Her A ‘C–t’

90 Day Fiance fans have witnessed the catfight between Kimberly Rochelle and Jenny Slatten in the last few months. The former is a newbie, while she still has the audacity to criticize the latter, who clearly is an OG of the franchise. Apparently, Kimberly clearly isn’t really fond of Jenny and has called her out several times.

But it seems that Kimberly has crossed all the limits now. Recently, fans were in shock when they saw her call Jenny a ‘C-t’ on national television while she made fun of her as well. What is she up to now? What was Slatten’s reaction?

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Called Jenny A ‘C-T,’ But Why?

90 Day Fiance star Kimberly initially came into the limelight with her Indian partner, TJ. Hence, her storyline was often compared with Jenny and Sumit’s one. But it seems that Kimberly doesn’t like this comparison at all as she is not really fond of the noted couple. Hence, she never leaves a chance to call them out.

As the ‘Tell All’ edition of The Other Way spinoff is close, fans will be witnessing an explosive argument between Kimberly and Jenny. It all started because the latter shared her opinion about the former. She stated Rochelle is really “unappreciative of everything,” which ended up igniting her anger.

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Kimberly was quick to reply with a super rude comment, “Your opinion doesn’t matter to me, Jenny.” Hence, Slatten also decided not to hold herself back and added, “You are very entitled, little spoiled brat.” Rochelle then crossed all the limits and replied with a smirk, “You are a c–t.”

Even after all this, Jenny chose not to leave her dignity. She respectfully tried to conclude the argument and noted, “Come to India, honey. Come to Jaipur, I’d love to meet you.” Yet, Kimberly didn’t stop and replied, “Come on baby, I’ll give you my address.”

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Feels Jenny & Sumit’s Storyline Was Fake! But Why?

90 Day Fiance star Kimberly evidently doesn’t share a great bond with Jenny. This wasn’t the first time they had issues with each other. Earlier, Rochelle had openly thrown shade at Slatten, while the latter had also replied to her shade with her savage attitude.

Recently, Kimberly stated that she doesn’t have any “interest” when it comes to Jenny and Sumit’s storyline. She further emphasized that she feels “They’re fake.” The celeb explained that the noted couple’s storyline was “fake” as they were “fake people.”

As per Kimberly, Sumit and Jenny’s love story was simply “a big game for the cameras” with many “fake” scenarios. She concluded, “I have no respect for people like them.” But on the other hand, Jenny didn’t want to get into the chaos and dealt with the controversy with utmost maturity.

Jenny simply replied, “We are taking it as some immature kids are just being bad.” She further made it clear that she doesn’t want this kind of “attention.” The celeb even thanked all her fans for always supporting her even when people were trying to pull them down

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