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Kim Menzies slams 90 Day Fiance newbies who join the show and ‘can’t take the heat’

Not everyone is cut out for reality TV, and it seems Holly Weeks is a prime example.

She recently claimed to be leaving social media, again, after Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All aired, and she got heat from viewers.

However, other 90 Day Fiance stars are speaking out. Kim Menzies slammed the recent crop of TLC stars for being unable to “take the heat.”

Her comment was about Holly’s decision to leave social media amid continued backlash.

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The Season 5 newbie has reportedly received death threats and crude messages spewed at her from fans of the show.

Holly’s estranged husband, Wayne Cornish, also couldn’t handle the trolls and deleted his Instagram account– moments after throwing shade at his co–stars.

Kim Menzies slams 90 Day Fiance stars who ‘can’t take the heat’

You know what they say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” And let’s be honest, the 90 Day Fiance universe is a fiery furnace.

Holly Weeks has found that out the hard way, and things are heating up now that the Tell All has kicked off.

After Part 1 aired a few days ago, @90daythemelanatedway captured a message of Holly’s claiming she was leaving social media.

A screenshot of Holly’s comment was posted on the Instagram page with the caption, “The 90 Day fandom is not for the weak of heart…clearly! ????.”

People had much to say about Holly’s decision to leave Instagram, including Kim Menzies, who asked, “What’s going on? Can’t take the heat? ????.”

“I’m not perfect by any means but maybe don’t do a show if you can’t take the negative,” she added.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 star Jeymi Noguera also chimed in, “I thought I was weak for paying attention to the Haters!!”

Kim Menzies shares her thoughts on Instagram.
Fans chime in. Pic credit: @90daythemelanateway/Instagram

Meanwhile, Holly had at least one person on her side, Tania Maduro, who responded to Kimberly and called her comment “harsh.”

“They’re allowed to remove themselves if that’s what’s best for them. It’s a hard cold world,” reasoned Tania.

The long-time 90 Day Fiance star said she thought she was built to handle negativity but confessed, “I never imagined it to be as BAD as it was.”

Tania Maduro defends Holly Weeks on Instagram.
Tania responds. Pic credit: @90daythemelanateway/Instagram

A few hours ago, she posted a new Instagram video complaining about the haters, and before that, she shared a throwback photo with a message for the trolls.

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