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Kalani and Dallas show signs of preparing to break up

Kalani Faagata has just hopped from one relationship to another, which is why many 90 Day Fiancé viewers think Dallas may not be right for her.

  •  Kalani’s new relationship with Dallas started as an affair, which may lead to complications and potential instability in the future.
  •  Some viewers believe that Dallas may be using Kalani for her reality TV fame and clout, raising questions about his true intentions.
  •  Kalani may not have taken enough time to heal emotionally after her marriage with Asuelu ended, potentially repeating past mistakes by rushing into a serious relationship.

Kalani Faagata from 90 Day Fiancé chose to continue her relationship with Dallas, but a few red flags suggest that she made the wrong decision. Kalani appeared on 90 Day: The Last Resort to resolve her marital issues with Asuelu Pulaa. She revealed how her husband had cheated on her in the past, which led her to cheat on him with her new man, Dallas. Kalani tried to give her and Asuelu’s relationship one last chance. However, the therapy made her realize she couldn’t forgive her husband for his infidelity.

Kalani met her new boyfriend after Asuelu gave her a hall pass to kiss another man. While heartbroken by the prospect, she didn’t let it stop her from sparking a romance with Dallas on social media. Kalani and her new man talked briefly before getting intimate. The two went from kissing to having sex the same day. She also spent a night with him while she was at the resort to fix her marriage with Asuelu. According to Kalani, Dallas is more caring than Asuelu ever was to her. He ensures she’s happy.

Kalani & Dallas’ Relationship Started As An Affair

On 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kalani gave up on her marriage and ended things with Asuelu. She picked Dallas and seemed confident about her choice. Unfortunately, there are a few reasons her new relationship may backfire. Kalani’s connection with Dallas began as an affair. While Kalani was the victim of infidelity, she shouldn’t have started an affair with Dallas. Based on a Reddit thread started by Majesticmuskox, fans think Kalani’s attachment to Dallas is due to her contempt for Asuelu. Kalani used Dallas as a rebound, and such relationships don’t last long. Someone even speculated Kalani’s new relationship “will last long enough for her to get pregnant again.

Dallas Is Accused Of Being A Clout Chaser

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata's Instagram Story about Dallas Nuez

The timing of Kalani’s relationship issues with Asuelu and her romance with Dallas is strange. Some viewers feel that Dallas may have strategically hooked up with Kalani because she’s a reality TV star and often gets on-screen gigs. While Dallas hasn’t been on TV, there is some suggestion that he is into the relationship to enjoy the clout. Recently, Dallas even did a Q&A session on his Instagram, talking to his followers like he’s some big shot. Someone recently claimed Dallas’ IG is “a bit much and clout-chasey.

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The relationship with Dallas may not work out because Kalani didn’t give herself enough time to heal from the past. Moving on is great, but nobody can move on from a six-year marriage without some major scars. Kalani shared dozens of milestones with Asuelu over the years, including the births of their two sons. She needed time to figure out her future goals before rushing into a new relationship. Kalani could’ve kept things casual with Dallas instead of getting serious. She made the same mistake when she met Asuelu, and it led her to infidelity and divorce. The 90 Day Fiancé alum must understand that any man can be a boyfriend, but not all boyfriends can be good partners.

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