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John Yates Is Getting Sued For Spreading Death Hoax

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle created a long list of controversies in the last few days. His wife Karine acted like he was already dead and started remembering him on social media. This added up to the viewers’ concern, who wondered if the celeb was fine or not. Amid all this, famous blogger John Yates was the one who burned the midnight oil to trace Paul and bring him back. But now it seems that his good deed has actually brought him to trouble. Recently, viewers couldn’t believe it when they got to know that John is now being dragged into Paul’s investigation matter!

90 Day Fiance: Why Is John Yates Being Dragged Into Paul’s Investigation Case?

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle has been in Brazil for a while now. But recently, he came into the limelight again when his mother revealed that he was missing. Karine further added to the controversy by sharing cryptic posts on social media. Apparently, because of all this chaos, John Yates, Angela Deem, and Larrisa Lima jumped into the matter and tried tracing Paul. But after the latter returned alive, he dragged Yates into the hot water! Fans were in shock when they got to know Staehle was allegedly pulling John into the mess while he was just trying to help.

Recently, John took to Instagram and said that an anonymous person revealed something shocking to him. He posted a screenshot where a mysterious person stated that there’s an “investigation” that is taking place in Brazil by the cops in Paul’s matter. The man further wrote that allegedly John’s live posts and calls were tracked by the authorities. Not only this, but Brazil reportedly is asking America to help them and get to Yates now! The post further added that it involves some kind of “embezzlement” as well, who are trying their best to locate John and would perhaps end up treating him as an “accomplice.”

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90 Day Fiance: John Yates Exposes Paul Publicly On Social Media

90 Day Fiance star Paul has clearly denied being missing. He simply claimed that there were some boat and network issues. Hence, the celeb ended by calling out everyone who was ironically worried because he was missing. Apparently, because of this, John, who initially did his best to locate his friend, ended up losing his calm and exposed Paul on social media. Recently, Yates took to Instagram and posted some screenshot shots of Paul with his mom. Fans were taken aback to witness the former literally lashing out at his mother and slamming her!

90 Day Fiance

John wrote a lengthy caption and started off by saying, “You left me no choice.” He claimed that he was exposing the “real Paul Staehle.” The celeb revealed that the latter was “cursing” his mother, who was actually worried for her son and his well-being. Apparently, while the matrairch seemed to be concerned about Paul’s health and life, he was busy talking about “court.” Amid all this, John concluded his caption with claims that he would be happy to share all the material that he has regarding Paul’s case with the authorities. He claimed that he isn’t having any issues in dealing with Manaus Police! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.

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