Jen Arnold Shares Gorgeous Pic of Will & Zoey On Special Day

Jen Arnold, her husband Bill, and their children Will and Zoey Klein were favorites of TLC when The Little Couple aired. So, fans were happy to see a gorgeous photo of the kids that their mom shared on a special occasion. While fans wait for news that a renewal might happen, they have to just follow the family on social media.

Jen Arnold Keeps The Kids Close To Their Cultural Roots

The Little Couple fans know that Zoey seems especially proud of her Indian background. In fact, in 2019, the family visited Mumbai and some nice photos arrived of their daughter. Previously, TLC fans saw that they visited China, where their son, Will hails from. Unfortunately, the pandemic probably put a stop to more travel to that mysterious land.

Jen Arnold loves sharing Zoey, who started dancing Bollywood style as a tiny tot. Actually,  that also featured on the TLC show, and fans noticed that despite her TV fame, the instructor treated the adopted daughter the same as everyone else. Since those early days, plenty of dance recitals have taken place. In a new photo, Zoey wasn’t dancing but she looked super-cute as she posed next to her brother.


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Jen Arnold Shares A Special Day, Gorgeous Photo

Across the world, Hindus celebrate their culture during the Diwali Festival of Lights. In the photos that their mom shared on Instagram, Zoey and Will Klein stood together at a Diwali Gala. It was taken at a function presented by South Asian Nation and Boston’s Bhangra. Actually, Zoey looked a lot happier than she did at a Diwali feast in 2020. In the new photo, she wore a red and white traditional outfit, while Will opted for a blue and white checked shirt.

The Little Couple Jen Arnold Shares Gorgeous Pic of Will And Zoey On Special Day - Instagram
The Little Couple’s Will And Zoey Klein – Jen Arnold Instagram

Happy Diwali from our family to yours. Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most popular holidays in India, and for Hindus in particular. A celebration of good over evil, it is observed across faiths over five days with gatherings for prayer, feasts and fireworks displays.

The Little Couple fans reacted to the gorgeous photos:

  • Happy Diwali 🪔 to your family JEN !!!! Your kids are amazing people……! You raised them right.!!! ❤️🧡🖤
  • Your children are such a blessing to you and the world.
  • Beautiful picture!! God bless you and your family! ❤️🙌🔥☮️
  • Love this picture!❤️❤️
  • Happy Diwali Arnold Family 🙏🏼❤️
What do you think of the gorgeous photo that Jen Arnold shared of Will and Zoey Klein? Are you glad that she lets her daughter immerse herself in her cultural roots? Have you ever celebrated Diwali?

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