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Jasmine Turns Herself Into A Maid To Earn Quick Money!

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda never fails to create headlines. She has been a part of countless controversies, and viewers are tired of her drama now. Lately, the celeb has been trying to make things work with Gino but ended up parting ways with him as well in the recent episode. Amid all this, fans were wondering what Jasmine was up to after parting ways with her fiance. But they never expected that she would actually become a maid! What is she up to now?

Jasmine Pineda Turns Into A Maid! But Why?

The show 90 Day Fiance recently featured one of the most explosive fights in the history of the reality TV realm. As expected, it was between Jasmine and Gino. The former called out the latter for not paying her apartment rent. Amid all this, Pineda became sure that she wouldn’t be able to carry on with her relationship and broke up with her American partner. Apparently, viewers felt that it was for all the good reasons as they never believed that this couple was compatible. Amid all this, fans couldn’t believe it when they learned about how Jasmine had turned into a maid after her messy split.

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Jasmine recently took to Instagram and posted a controversial picture. It was a black-and-white selfie in which she stared right at the camera. The 90 Day Fiance celeb tied her hair up with a headband while she wore a lacy outfit. Pineda further wrote, “I’ll clean your house and bank account too,” with a wink emoji. She also added a direct link to her OnlyFans account and advertised it via her social media handle. The dress Jasmine wore seemed to be a maid cosplay outfit, in which she probably intended to create adult content for OF. Several viewers started trolling her for this picture. Someone even showed sympathy for Gino as they believed that Jasmine had already wiped out his bank account!

90 Day Fiance: Why Did Jasmine & Gino Parted Ways?

Jasmine and Gino have parted ways numerous times. But they often end up making their way back to each other. But this time, things have taken more of a serious turn. Apparently, Pineda wanted her fiance to keep her above his family and never compare her to them. But Gino wasn’t able to do that, while Jasmine knew that he would never give her more importance than his family. Hence, the latter 90 Day Fiance star now feels that perhaps it’s not even worth uprooting her entire life in Panama and traveling all the way to Americajust for the sake of Gino!


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90 Day Fiance

So, Jasmine made it clear that she doesn’t feel loved at all, and she cannot adjust. On the other hand, Gino is also on the verge of giving up now. He questioned, “How much does she really love me?.” The celeb further announced, “I can’t stay here. It’s over.” It was evident that Gino was hesitant to walk away from Jasmine. But the latter wasn’t ready to mend fences and make amendments to their relationship. Hence, Gino also wasn’t left with any option other than letting Pineda go! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.

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