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Jasmine Shares Her True Feelings About Americans After Finally Moving Here

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda was never sure about her move to America. She was skeptical about uprooting her entire life in Panama and traveling to Gino’s homeland. Hence, there have been several instances when she clearly backed off from the idea of living in the USA.


However, after all this, Jasmine has finally landed in America, and it seems that she is even enjoying her stay. Recently, she took to her social media and revealed how the natives of the States are with her and if they were good or not. What kind of treatment is Jasmine getting in America?


90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Explains How Americans Have Been Treating Her Lately!

Jasmine Pineda was really hesitant about traveling to America. She wasn’t sure if she would be taken care of in the new land or not. The 90 Day Fiance celeb even asked Gino to make a will that he would be looking after her even after his death.

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Hence, this made it really clear that Jasmine wasn’t sure how she would survive in the States. But now it seems that she has started to enjoy the famous “American Dream.” Amid all this, Pineda took to her Instagram account and decided to talk about the treatment she has been getting in the USA.

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As per Jasmine, “Americans are truly amazing.” She praised the natives for being ” nice, sweet, lovely people.” The celeb further added that she admires the “determination,” “altruism,” and “generosity” that everyone in the States has shown to her. It was evident that Pineda perhaps was having a great time now in Gino’s homeland.

The Panamanian 90 Day Fiance star feels that Americans are the “sweetest, kindest and most lovely people” she has ever met in her life. Jasmine admitted that the natives are really “funny” and “optimistic” as well. Though initially, she received many hate comments on Instagram, it seems that people in real-time have treated her well.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Surprises The Cast Mates With Her Presence

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda has always joined the Tell All segment via a video call. She yelled, cried, and argued virtually while cast mates never thought that she would ever land up in America. Apparently, the celeb’s storyline was also really chaotic.

This made the fellow cast more skeptical about her move. But after begging for forgiveness and reconciling with Gino, Jasmine has finally landed in the States and is now showing off her move as well.

Jasmine decided to keep her move to America under the wraps. So, during the recent Tell All segment, she ended up surprising everyone with her real-time presence on the set. The celeb stood like a pageant and made her entry by saying, “Hi, everyone! I made it to America, bi***es!.” All cast mates were in disbelief while it was evident that they weren’t happy to have her!

Pineda further added, “You were not expecting me to be here, but here I am.” However, now it will be interesting to watch how long Jasmine will be able to survive in America and whether she will grow old with Gino or not.

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