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Jasmine reveals why she flew to New York separately from her husband, Gino.

This week, a 90-Day Fiancé fan on Reddit claimed that Jasmine lives in Detroit, Michigan, around an hour’s drive from Canton, where her estranged husband, Gino, resides. The Reddit user also spotted Jasmine at the Detroit Metro Airport, took a photo of her, and shared it on the 90 Day Fiancé subreddit. Other Reddit users who saw the post didn’t recognize Jasmine initially because she wore an oversized cap, and the picture only showed one side of her face. However, people who follow Jasmine on Instagram confirmed it was her in the Reddit post after seeing her share an Instagram story from the same airport wearing the same black sweat suit.

Jasmine Pineda is now more active on TikTok than other social media platforms. She frequently goes live to film her daily life and interacts with her fans, sometimes more than twice daily. Fans who follow her on TikTok have noticed that she is living in a new house and spending time with a new man she refers to as Chihuahua. This new man has darker skin and a deeper voice than her husband, Gino. However, she has been careful not to reveal her new man’s face or real name to avoid breaking her NDA with TLC and jeopardizing her chances of appearing on future 90-Day Fiancé shows.

Before the Reddit user spotted Jasmine standing in the boarding line, the reality TV star was in the Detroit Metro airport lounge, live streaming on TikTok and interacting with her fans. When a TikTok user asked her why she was flying to New York, Jasmine panicked a bit and claimed she was going to promote her vegan protein powder, Jazzy, and not film for the show.

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What’s confusing is that when Jasmine announced her trip to New York, her husband Gino posted two Instagram stories of himself flying solo to the same city. Jasmine is known for being a compulsive liar, and New York is usually where all of the show’s Tell All episodes are filmedThis could mean that the new season of 90 Day: The Last Resort will have Tell All episodes, and Jasmine and Gino, who are currently separated and not living together, flew to New York to film for the show. Alternatively, this could be another silly publicity stunt by Gino’s PR team, who have access to his social media pages. The PR people might have posted old pictures of Gino in airplane seats to suggest that he was flying with his wife, even though it was confirmed that Jasmine was alone at the airport with no sign of Gino.

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