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Jasmine Actually Made A S*x Tape With Her Ex-BF & Still Has It In Her “Cloud Memory”

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda is finally in America after hustling for a while. She is under the same roof as Gino and has filmed for the Tell All episode as well. Indeed, this segment has always been viewers’ favorite because of the controversies and drama it unleashes.

Amid all this, viewers were recently in disbelief when they saw Jasmine making a shocking confession about her alleged s*x tape with her ex-boyfriend, Dane! This was a surprise for Gino, who became numb with his fiance’s revelation! What did Jasmine reveal?

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Reveals She Made A S*x Tape With Dane

There have been several instances when 90 Day Fiance star Jasmine has brought her ex-boyfriend during her arguments with Gino. During a recent one, she was quick to claim that Dane was the “best man” she ever had as he knows how to f**k her!

Jasmine also claimed that she had a “clip” of her having s*x with her ex that she filmed just a month ago before Gino came to meet her. Initially, fans and Gino thought that Jasmine said that out of anger, and perhaps it wasn’t true at all. But viewers were in disbelief when she made a shocking revelation regarding the same in the Tell All segment.

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In a recent clip from the upcoming Tell All show, host Shaun Robinson confronted Jasmine regarding her claims of having a s*x video. The latter hesitantly admitted that she did film an intimate video with Dane just once.

Jasmine added that they did it for “fun.” Gino was in shock and slammed Jasmine for concealing this information from him. After all, they broke up because of this fight on 90 Day Fiance until she wanted him back. Pineda further explained that she had done a lot of stuff before she knew that Gino even existed!

Jasmine confessed that she was “drunk” with Dane, and they decided to film it for fun. She added that it was “months” before she met Gino. So, the celeb was unapologetic about the same. Pineda made it clear that she won’t feel bad for anything that is a part of her past!

90 Day Fiance: Gino Wants To Watch Dane & Jasmine’s S*x Tape! But Why?

90 Day Fiance star Gino couldn’t believe it when Jasmine admitted that she had a s*x tape with Dane. He was further devasted when the latter claimed that she must still have it in her “cloud memory.” He then demanded to watch the tape! The entire cast and Pineda were in shock when Gino claimed that he wanted to watch it.

Almost everyone tried to explain to Gino that this wouldn’t be the best decision. Yet, he was determined as he wanted to know the actual “date” of when the tape was filmed in the first place. He questioned Jasmine for still having the video with her!

90 Day Fiance

Gino asked Jasmine to find that video and “delete” it ASAP. On the other hand, the latter swore on herself that she never ever watched it after she met her fiance. Amid all this, Pineda ended up losing her calm behind the cameras.

She slammed Gino for not supporting her and pretending as if he didn’t know her. Jasmine further warned him and made it clear that he needed to start taking her side now!

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