Janelle, Meri, and Christine have transformed their lives since leaving Kody, embracing new adventures, friendships, and freedom.

Sister Wives stars, Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown couldn’t be happier after calling it quits with their polyamorous husband, Kody Brown.

  • Janelle, Meri, and Christine have transformed their lives since leaving Kody, embracing new adventures, friendships, and freedom.
  •  Meri is focusing on traveling, her appearance, and surrounding herself with positive friends who care about her.
  •  Janelle is renewing her friendships, finding happiness in hanging out with her kids, and enjoying the freedom to live life on her terms. Christine has found love and happiness with David, and the two are now married.

Kody’s relationship with his three wives remained balanced for almost two decades. Unfortunately, the dynamic changed when he brought a fourth wife, Robyn Brown, into the mix. When Robyn joined the Brown family, she became the most important part of Kody’s life. He began sacrificing everything and everyone to be with her, making Janelle, Meri, and Christine jealous. Kody disrespected his first three wives in different ways over the years. His behavior led Meri to fall for a catfish and Christine to pursue happiness elsewhere. Eventually, the three ladies slowly moved on from Kody’s polygamous empire, leaving him in a sad monogamous relationship with Robyn.

Janelle, Meri, and Christine were very unhappy over the last few years. However, they have embraced a new glow-up since ending things with Kody. The first wife, Meri, has begun traveling more and being an extrovert after living near Kody for over three decades. The 52-year-old woman has been exploring new places and experiencing new adventures weekly. In October 2023, she posted a video of herself smiling wide. Meri captioned it, “Fridays with Friends Live from Disneyland.” The California native visited the adventure park with her buddy, Blair, and seemed happier than ever.

In September, Meri took some time to visit iconic New York City. This time, she was with her friend, Jenn, as she explored the streets. Meri looks more youthful than ever in her new clips, showing that she has recovered from her depressed life. Meri is sporting cool outfits nowadays, ranging from colorful tops and shorts to leather jackets and denim. She is focusing on her hairstyle and makeup as well. The middle-aged single mom’s glow-up is because she has now surrounded herself with positive people and friends who care about her.

Janelle Renews Her Friendships & Shares Fun Moments From Hawaii

Like Meri, Janelle has also turned her life around by focusing on her friendships and building new memories. The 54-year-old reality star has shared various fun moments with her fans on Instagram, showing how she has achieved happiness after divorcing her husband of 30 years. Janelle shared her latest adventure with fans in October 2023. She shared a selfie featuring numerous friends, looking more excited than ever. Janelle captioned her post, “enjoying just hanging out at this house on the beach,” letting fans know that she’s enjoying the food, company, and the sound of the ocean in Hawaii.

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During September, Janelle hung out in Las Vegas. She posted a photo of herself with her friends and talked about what she was doing. She wrote, “it’s fun to come back, spend time with my kids and renew those friendships.” Janelle claimed she has been reconnecting with her kids and friends whom she couldn’t concentrate on over the last few stressful years. She seemed overjoyed by her newfound freedom and ability to go anywhere without answering to Kody. Janelle had to justify her actions to her former husband, but she looks far happier living on her terms.

Christine Is Happier Than Ever With David

Christine’s life has changed most meaningfully since splitting from Kody. She was extremely unhappy in the last five years of her previous marriage. She didn’t feel any love from her partner and was in a tough spot due to how closely knit her polygamous relationship was to her religion. Fortunately, Christine realized that God would want her to be happy. She divorced Kody and began focusing on her health, happiness, and fulfilling her goals. In 2023, The 51-year-old woman tried her hand at modern-day dating and found David Woolley. The couple made countless memories in a few months and got engaged.

After spending a great year with David, Christine decided to tie the knot with him. She married him in October and kickstarted a beautiful new life. The middle-aged mom proved that it is never too late to find love and shared a stunning photo of herself and her husband after marriage. She captioned it, loving life!! I got to marry my soulmate.” Christine’s newfound glow is primarily because of how positive her life has become. She is finally experiencing the real joy of monogamy with a man who truly loves her.

Janelle, Meri & Christine Feel Blessed & Empowered

kody in foreground, janelle, meri, christine in background sister wives

The three Sister Wives feel empowered since divorcing their former husband, Kody. They have been showing off their happiness in their own ways and spreading positivity on social media. In September 2023, Meri posted a photo of herself in front of a pink wall with the quote, “#worthyup Reminding you that because you exist, You are worthy.” She smiled in the photo and pointed to the phrase. The mom of one wrote, let me share with you my message to the world…. Worthy Up!” Meri told everyone that they deserved love.

Janelle and Christine are also winning professionally and inspiring countless fans on social media. The two ladies are still close friends and often promote their fitness products on social media. They also recently appeared on People Magazine and shared photos of themselves on social media. Christine wrote, “Janelle and I are on the front cover of the next people magazine on new stands!” In their interview, the Sister Wives shared a deep dive into their story and confidently showcased why their failed relationship won’t stop them from achieving success and happiness.

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