Janelle Brown’s Shocking Divorce Truth Revealed

Janelle Brown seems very reluctant to pursue a divorce from Kody Brown in Season 18 and TLC fans are calling her out for it. In fact, some Sister Wives fans worry that the two reality TV stars might drag out a reconciliation for future seasons. Long ago, people suspected that if any wife would stick around after separation, it might be the mom of Gabe and Garrison.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Makes Divorce Excuses

It became clear to viewers of Sister Wives that there is a lot of creative editing. So when fans heard that rumors ran around about Kody potentially reconciling with Meri or Janelle, they decided his former second wife might return. From the trailer, everyone knew that things went south and they had a blowout argument. However, Coyote Pass and her love for Flagstaff make her reluctant to relocate to Utah. Additionally, she described Kody as a friend many times.

At first, fans cheered for Janelle Brown in the current season. However, some uneasiness slid in when she talked about a divorce. Or rather, no divorce. Christine Brown already left and she seemed surprised that her friend seemed so reluctant to date again. It seems that she’s taking divorce off the table. Recently, spoilers revealed that she dithers around, and in a confessional, she claimed it takes forever. Other excuses revolve around her faith. So, some skeptics call her the new Meri. After all, Meri spent years trying to make her fans understand why she stuck around like a third wheel.


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Janelle Brown Can’t Get A Divorce?

As the story unfolds, Facebook fans just think that the drama of the massive fight could be somewhat scripted. Drama brings discussion which entices new viewers to TLC. If you don’t know, Logan’s mom was previously married to Meri’s brother, Adam Barber. They married in a Salt City LDS temple in 1998. Interestingly, they divorced in 1990, and in 1993, she tied the knot with Kody.

Facebook TLC Sister Wives Janelle Brown Called Out On Divorce Excuses
Sister Wives – Janelle’s First Marriage – Facebook

Lying To Fans

Kody, Janelle Brown, Meri, and even popular Christine have been slammed for play-acting all the drama in the past. Mind you, once Christine ties the knot with David Woolley, that storyline will at least turn out to be true. For now, a lot of skepticism arises about the permanency of Kody’s second wife’s separation.

Does it seem a bit off to you that Janelle Brown believes she can’t get a divorce because it takes a long time? After all the faith/divorce excuses seem to be getting more like Meri’s by the day. Do you agree that it seems a bit odd because she was married and divorced in the past?

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