Janelle Brown Takes Fans Inside Of Her New Home!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been living a single life since her split with Kody. She has been enjoying each moment with her friends and family. The mom-of-six still lives in Flagstaff to stay close to her kids, Gabe, Garrison, and Savannah. She usually visits her children to have a fun time.

Recently, she also went to her daughter Madison to spend some time with her daughter and her kids. Janelle always wanted to build her dream home at the Coyote Pass property. However, things went south, and she had to postpone her plans.

Now, fans have been confused about the Sister Wives star’s current living situation. Finally, she decided to take her fans inside her beautiful home in a new Instagram video. Where is she?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Takes Fans Inside Of Her New Home!

Janelle Brown has just returned from the first-ever cruise with Christine and David. She has been enjoying her time with her best friend and her Plexus colleagues on their trip to Haiti. Now it appears that the TLC star has been gearing up for some Christmas celebrations.

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Recently, the mom-of-six uploaded a picture of her new home ahead of the celebrations. Sister Wives fans were happy to finally have a look inside her beautiful home after splitting with Kody. Janelle uploaded a picture of the living room with a Christmas tree.

She informed her fans that she had done all the decorations for the holidays. In it, a large Christmas tree was standing in the middle of the room with all the lighting and decoration. Also, Janelle kept some little snowmen and socks for the occasion. She wrote, “Not as early as some decorate, but we are ready for all things holiday.”

Janelle assured her fans that she will be cooking the festival with her Flagstaff kids and their friends this year. The Sister Wives told her fans that she’ll just be a homebody this time. Fans were quick to share their views about her home and the decorations.

But they had some issues with her putting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. One fan wrote, “Nooooooooo! It’s too sooooooooon!” Meanwhile, the others supported Janelle, claiming that there wasn’t any harm in putting them after Halloween.

Sister Wives: Janelle Has A Solution To Avoid Kody After Building Her Dream Home!

Janelle Brown was the one who burnt midnight oil for her dream home. She lived in an RV to save up money for building a home at their Coyote Pass property. However, things went south, and the entire Sister Wives family disintegrated.

Fans have been thinking that she might have given up on her dream. But the star recently made it clear that she is still hoping to fulfill her dream. Janelle said that she was the one who had been financing the entire property.

Sister Wives

But Janelle’s husband still considered it as the family’s property. The TLC star added, “And the reality is, I don’t know if Kody will ever get his poop in a group and build out there.” However, she has a solution to keep Kody away from her property.

She stated that she would add high fences to avoid interacting with Kody and his only remaining wife.

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