Janelle Brown Shares Rare Photos Of Logan & His Wife Michelle

Sadly, Janelle Brown’s son Logan and his wife Michelle Petty want nothing to do with the TLC spotlight. While they both have Instagram accounts, they are private and don’t allow random Sister Wives fans to follow them. So, it is pretty rare that fans get to see any updated photos or videos of the former TLC couple.

In fact, fans of Sister Wives typically only see fresh photos of Logan and his wife when they are shared by someone else in the family who has a public profile. Many Sister Wives fans hope Logan and Michelle give their family permission to post their photos on public accounts before doing so. Considering Michelle sometimes pops into the comments of these posts, it is safe to assume they probably do.

Logan Brown Sister Wives Instagram
[Logan-Credit: Instagram]

Interested in seeing these rare photos? Scroll down to check them out.

Janelle Brown Shares Rare Photos Of Logan & Michelle

Just an hour ago, Janelle Brown took to Instagram to share several rare photos of her son Logan and his wife Michelle. Here’s what she had to say about the photos:

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“The funniest thing I’ve seen in a week! My kids are the best! So creative and funny. Michelle and Logan and Michelle’s brother and wife had a photo shoot at JC Penny Sunday.”

Janelle concluded her post by encouraging her fans to scroll through and see the photos. She added that she was “dead” by how silly the photos were.

Meri Brown Hunter Brown Logan Brown Instagram

Just Michelle and Logan Brown

The first two photos Janelle Brown shared were just of Logan and Michelle. In the first photo, Michelle looked at the camera with a surprised expression on her face. In the second photo, Logan leaned in and kissed his wife on the cheese while she smiled looking at the camera.

Check out the first two photos below:


Additional Awkward Family Photos

The post also included several photos of Michelle and Logan Brown posing with her brother and her brother’s wife. Fans agreed the photos were silly and a bit awkward. A few fans noted they were also a little scary.

Check out some of the other photos below:

Not, there was an additional photo on Janelle’s Instagram. Their heads, however, appeared to be cut off.

What are your thoughts on the photo shoot Janelle Brown shared of her son Logan and his wife Michelle? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on Sister Wives.

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