Janelle Brown Reveals The Chances Of Reuniting With Kody

Janelle Brown opened up in a teaser for the next episode of Sister Wives Season 18. She talked about Kody and the odds of reunification with him. Given that she already revealed not wanting a divorce, some people think her chances are very high. But are they? Read on to find out what she said.

Janelle Brown Seems Undecided About Kody

TLC fans hate to see that the second wife of Kody Brown seems to be stuck on the fence with her spiritual husband. Even Christine’s eyebrows nearly flew off her head when her sister wife told her she wasn’t considering a divorce. Bear in mind, she confronted him and they had a mega fight. Things also seemed awkward when they met at a restaurant. That’s when she confessed that she was considering marriage guidance therapy.

Increasingly, fans become concerned after the dramatic scenes where Janelle Brown told Kody what to do with himself. Disappointly, she seems inclined to consider going back to him. In fact, some people call her “the new Meri. It took years and years for her to read the memo that she wasn’t wanted. Even now, spoilers suggest that Meri will run back to Kody if the Sister Wives star crooks his finger at her


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Janelle Brown Will Go On A Date With Kody

The new teaser for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives revealed Janelle talking in her confessional. Carried by People Magazine, fans saw her speaking about Kody. She admitted that she accepted a date with her estranged husband. First, she mentioned their big fight and the fact that he ghosted Savanah. Before that, they were not really connecting. So, she felt “frustrated.” Therefore, she jumped at the idea of a date when he called her up.

Janelle Brown Reveals The Chances of Reuniting With Kody Sister Wives TLC People
Janelle Brown Rates The Odds of Reunification With Kody Brown – –Sister Wives – TLC via People

Janelle Brown agreed to go out on a date with Kody when the Sister Wives star was celebrating her birthday. As she noted sadly, “It’s better than staying home and watching TV.” Christine reacted to the news by saying that she believes the second wife and her ex are in “an interesting place. A really interesting place in the relationship.” Plus, she believes that her friend still loves Kody.

The Chances Of Reunification As Man And Wife

Janelle Brown might feel sentimental about her husband and even happy to hang with him. However, she also said, “At this point, I really don’t foresee Kody and I working our relationship out.” Rating the odds, she noted, “I have to always be open to the possibility that we will somehow be struck by lightning and that it will all be happily ever after.” Next, she confessed, “I’m a realist and I know that it doesn’t look good.”

Does it seem likely to you that Janelle Brown and Kody Brown stand almost zero chance of peacefully reuniting? Are you surprised that she took up his invitation to spend time with him on her birthday? What about Christine’s comments? Do you think that she is right, and that Kody’s second wife still loves him? Let us know in the comments below, and keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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