Janelle Brown goes to the beach after fleeing the country following heated fight with ex Kody

JANELLE Brown has fled the country following her massive fight with her ex-Kody Brown.

The Sister Wives star revealed that she is vacationing in Mexico after sharing a few snaps on social media.

Janelle Brown has fled the country following her massive fight with her ex-Kody Brown

Janelle Brown has fled the country following her massive fight with her ex-Kody BrownCredit: Instagram/janellebrown117
She revealed she is vacationing in Mexico

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She revealed she is vacationing in MexicoCredit: Instagram / Janelle Brown

In her latest Instagram Story posted on Saturday, Janelle, 54, enjoyed a relaxing day on the beach.

“Beach time,” she captioned her post, using several summer-themed emojis.

In the pic, the TV personality enjoyed a beautiful sunny day with minimal clouds in the sky while lounging on the white sand that led to the crystal clear water.

On the far right side of the photo, two kayaks rested on the sand while a few people swam in the ocean.

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On September 8, Janelle revealed that she was leaving the country for a while by sharing a pic of her neatly packed luggage.

In the caption, she wrote: “Off to Mexico for a few days.

“I always swear I’m going to pack light!!! But well here we are.”

Janelle’s trip to the South of the Border came after her nasty fight with Kody.

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On September 3’s episode of Sister Wives, fans got a front-row seat of the brawl between Janelle and Kody.

The scene began with the two of them sitting down in Arizona for a serious conversation.

“I feel like I’m being gaslit,” Janelle spoke her truth.

Kody abruptly fired back: “You’re using that because I used the term.”

“Oh, I came into this conversation expecting to use that term,” Janelle said.

“Cause I feel like you are constantly gaslighting me,” he scoffed.

‘F**K YOU!’

Kody paused before acknowledging there’s a supposed problem in the family and “everybody thinks I’m the bad guy.”

“I don’t expect to see anybody at Christmastime. I don’t expect to see you.”

Janelle and Kody have six children together: Logan, 29; Hunter, 26; Gabriel, 21; Garrison, 18; and daughters, Madison, 27, and Savanah, 18.

Kody then claimed that Janelle doesn’t “follow the rules and doesn’t take accountability.”

“Shut your f**king mouth and let me talk to you for a minute.”

Kody got up from the couch and started walking away from the conversation: “No, no, no, no.”

“You keep cutting me off,” Janelle continued.

Kody then threw on his jacket and implied all of their problems were Janelle’s doing: “There is only a bitterness. What partnership do we have?”

“Don’t you dare point your finger at me,” Janelle replied, standing her ground.

As Kody began to leave the room, she grabbed his jacket: “You stay and talk.”

“I’m done listening to you. No, I’m not going to, because you’re not listening,” he yelled and getting in her face.

“You’re not listening to me,” Janelle said.

“And I’m not going to. Goodbye.”

“F**k you,” Janelle fired back.

Kody slammed the door, and Janelle urged the producers to “Shut it off.”


Fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter to share their thoughts on the fight.

Many fans defended Janelle and slammed Kody for his behavior.

One fan wrote under the clip: “Kody never takes accountability. First it was all Christine’s fault, now the fault belongs to Janelle.

“He was never there to co-parent when the children were young. How does he expect to co-parent five adults? Too late now, bud.”

Another said: “When isn’t he storming out!” while a third begged, “Stop giving him money @TLC !!!!

A commenter murmured: “He’s such a narcissist. What a loser…”

“She got her last word in. Janelle, find yourself a real husband!! We’re rooting for you!” said a fifth.


Christine Brown, 51, was the first to leave the polygamist relationship.

In November 2021, she announced her split and has since moved to Utah.

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