Janelle Brown Doesn’t Want To Divorce Kody?

Janelle Brown is turning heads with her massive blowout fight with Kody Brown. For years, she has been the neutral and most caring wife of the patriarch. The Sister Wives star kept all her complaints inside her heart for years.

Finally, she decided to let it all go away and confronted Kody for everything he did. Fans have been waiting for Janelle to divorce him. Now it appears that she is reluctant to officially part ways. Some fans even speculate that she might look for reconciliation. What is the truth behind her not wanting a divorce?

Sister Wives: Janelle Makes Weird Excuses To Avoid Divorce!

Janelle Brown is in a very weird position in her life. Her relationship with Kody Brown is tainted and they are not interested in mending ways. But it appears that the former is making silly excuses to officially break ties with her polygamous partner. Fans didn’t believe that the Brown family splitting and thought the TLC might be making it all up.

However, everything started making sense after Christine’s divorce with Kody. TLC’s new season of Sister Wives is showing the crack in Janelle’s marriage with him. Recently, she claimed that she still has not made a decision and it takes forever to break ties. Also, she highlighted some facts about her religion that are stopping her from making a decision.

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According to reports, fans are comparing Janelle to Meri Brown who spent decades proving why she has felt like a third wheel. Fans decided to unveil the truth and called the former out on Facebook. One fan pointed out that Janelle could get a divorce because she did it once in the past.

The audience requested her to stop lying for fame and money to stay on the screens. Seemingly, they were referring to her previous wedding with Meri’s brother Adam Barber in 1990.

Sister Wives: Fans Dig Out Janelle’s Past That She Has Been Hiding!

Janelle Brown garnered a lot of attention from the viewers for her impressive storyline. Fans have been cheering the Sister Wives star for taking a stand for herself. But her fears of not divorcing her husband are out of anyone’s understanding.

It appears that she has been hiding her past and relationships with the fans. She married Meri’s brother Adam and divorced him later. Janelle married Kody within three years of divorcing her ex-husband. Now fans don’t understand how she doesn’t want to separate from Kody.

On the other hand, Janelle’s mother Sheryl married Kody’s dad in the past. Hence, they became step-siblings. Fans cannot digest that she didn’t know Meri’s husband before her at that time. They are unable to understand why she is turning into Kody’s first wife Meri Brown slowly and not breaking ties with him.

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