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In the beginning, when “Little People Big World” started, Matt Roloff and his four children were prominently featured.

However, as family disputes escalated, a rift grew between Matt and his kids, prompting them to distance themselves from the show and the celebrity spotlight.

Jeremy, one of Matt’s sons, departed from the series and embraced a private life, opting out of the show and focusing on sharing moments of his life and family with Audrey, his wife, on social media.

Recently, Jeremy and Audrey purchased a $1.5 million home, spanning 4 acres, as they aimed to establish a family life away from the Roloff estate.

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Jeremy, following in his father’s footsteps, has been renovating the new property, chronicling the process on social media, from constructing new walls to planning a soccer field and a rock wall. Their departure from the show resulted from Matt denying them property to continue the family tradition, souring their relationship. Despite this, Matt received help from Jacob and his spouse during the pumpkin season, a heartwarming moment captured by Audrey in shared photos, documenting the family’s visit to Roloff Farms. Fans were deeply moved witnessing Matt’s interaction with Jeremy’s family at the Pumpkin Festival, cherishing the family bond displayed. This departure from the show, combined with Jeremy’s home renovation endeavors, marks a significant shift in the Roloff family dynamics, revealing a separate path taken by Jeremy and Audrey, away from the show’s legacy.

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